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Apps not showing up on PowerApps for android

I created a very basic app for my work orders and task lists. The time has come to test it on the mobile app. I opened the shared link which I sent to myself and the app gives me an error. "The app isn't opening correctly" 

<span;>Session ID: 79005ffd-5a99-4626-be3a-17feea7313f0

The app is Uber basic and doesn't show any errors. I have it under the same environment. I have power apps from my workplace office 365 government plan. Can someone point me in the right direction to figure this out. I may end up defaulting to a web based power app.


Thanks for any help.





Try not to use any link. Instead, use Microsoft's native app directly. If it is not showing up in the native Power Apps Android app in the list of apps shared with you, then this is the problem. If this is a different user trying the app and they get this issue, make sure the user has the app shared with them.


1) If nothing else like the above works, then try to go to the Power Apps Installed Native App in Android and clear all saved data, then open the native app again and sign in again.


2) If #1 does not work, try to uninstall the Power Apps Native Mobile App completely from the Android Device then using Google Play Store to download and install it again


3) If this still does not work, after doing #2, repeat #1 once more and then try again.


4) One other thing to try would be for all the "Connections" (if any) the App is using, delete them first by going to  and under the right environment go to Connections and delete each one the app at issue is using, then just in case also repeat #1 again above from any devices as well after that, and they will auto create again from new when the app is next opened.


5) Also try clear cache and cookies from the PC browser where you made the app then completely close all processes of the browser (i.e. completely close the browser).


6) After #5 above, then unshare and reshare the app , then if that does not work try unshare the app, then repeat #5, then repeat #1 on all devices, then after that, open browser reshare the app with everyone, 


See if any of the above help. If still not working please reply so it can be checked again. 

I have tried 1-3 a few times, I will start on step 4 when I get in, hopefully that will get it working. Thanks for the help.

Step 4 I ran into some issues, doesn't work and gives me an error, I've only ever accessed it from the office 365 dashboard. I after trying some things I downloaded the windows app and it gives me another error, stating it failed to load the app. Behind the error window it has a message related to the environment, attached.

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