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Attachment control / Office365Outlook.SendEmailV2

Hi All,


I'm having a slight issue in trying to incorporate a file attachment into the email notification that's sent when a form is submitted within my Power App.

The app itself is pretty basic -


  • Edit Form named formReq ; data source is a SharePoint list named "Requests".
  • Default Mode: New
  • Form includes a description field and an attachment control named attchItem. The Data Card containing the attachment control is linked to the "Attachments" field on the SharePoint list.
  • Icon in the upper-right corner of the screen contains SubmitForm(formReq) in the OnSelect behavior.
  • OnSuccess behavior of the form incorporates the Office365Outlook.SendEmailV2 functionality.


Upon submitting the form, I can see (and view/download) the attached file on the SharePoint item that's created - represented by the paperclip icon underneath the "Attachments" column. Thus, it's submitting properly, but for some reason, the attachment is not included in the e-mail notification that's sent out when the form is submitted; everything else (i.e.: subject line, body, cc) works as expected. Below is the code I'm currently using within the OnSuccess behavior of formReq:


Notify("Success", NotificationType.Success);
"New Request Submitted!",
"<p style='font-size:20px'>
<b>Request # " & formReq.LastSubmit.ID & "</a> has been submitted!</b></p>
<ul><li><p style='font-size:16px'><b>Description:</b> " &
formReq.LastSubmit.Description &
"</p></li><li><p style='font-size:16px'><b>Submitted By:</b>" &
formReq.LastSubmit.Submitted_x0020_By & "</li></ul>",
Attachments: AddColumns(RenameColumns(attchItem.Attachments, "Value", "ContentBytes"), "@odata.type", "")


Any thoughts as to why the attachment is missing from the email notification? 😕


Accepted Solutions

@bcanfield83 Looks like this is an issue others are also facing (Send email with existing attachment from attac... - Power Platform Community ( . Please consider raising a ticket with MS.

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Super User

@bcanfield83  I tried the same and it seems to work fine. Can you confirm attchItem is the attachment control in your form. 

@CNT - yep, attchItem is the name of the attachment control itself within the form. I've included a couple screen prints of this.

@bcanfield83  It's a bit strange, anyway can you highlight this bit of the code AddColumns(RenameColumns(attchItem.Attachments, "Value", "ContentBytes"), "@odata.type", "") in the formula bar and see if ContentBytes has the contents in it.

Hmm, yep it looks like it does (see screen print).. does that look right? 

@bcanfield83  In your case the contents says, appres://blobmanager/ which means that this control is not really linked to your SP list. If it was linked to your SP list, the contents would be something like, appres://datasources/yourSPList/table/...... 
What is the Datasource for the Form which holds this control? Is it pointing to u'r SP list?

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@CNT Yea the data source for the form is "Requests" which is the name of the SharePoint list. The DataField for the Data Card that contains the attachment control is "{Attachments}" which is one of the columns on the SharePoint list. 

@bcanfield83 It's a bit strange why it's not working. Remove and re-add that Attachment field and don't unlock that data card and try and see if it works.

@CNT Agreed, it's vexing me! 😕  I'll give that a try - thanks! 

@bcanfield83 Looks like this is an issue others are also facing (Send email with existing attachment from attac... - Power Platform Community ( . Please consider raising a ticket with MS.

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