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Attachment not showing up when using if statement to filter

I have created a gallery  to show SharePoint list items. This gallery has a nested gallery to show attachments.

I also have a if statement on the main gallery to filter base on different buttons user press. This has work for the last 6 months but now it seems to be broken.


When I remove the if statement the nested gallery will show the attachments but as soon as I apply the if statement the main gallery will behave correctly but the nested gallery is empty and doesn't show anything.

Is there alternatives to work around this? Or do I have to make new screens with the filters and link the buttons to navigate there?

Please advice and thanks for taking the time to read my post.

Here is sample screen shots of a test screen:

Just filter statement:


if statement to evaluate button pressed to filter gallery attachment doesn't show


but all other fields filter correctly




Helper II
Helper II



question, have you modified the powerapp in those 6 months?

Sounds to me that this could be related to "Explicit Column Selection", have you tried disabling it?



If that works, and you need that enabled, then you could try to use a ShowColumns to force the use of the attachment's column


let me know if that works

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No it doesn't work unfortunately.

I tried using ShowColumns as well but as soon as I put and if statement in front it doesn't show.

Helper II
Helper II

ups, I'm trying to reproduce the same issue, but I can't. in any case I'm getting the attachment details. 


Could you please share what are you using for the items property of the nested gallery? also what version are you on? (see settings -> support)










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Hi thanks for your reply,
My nested gallery Items = ThisItem.Attachments

Label in the nested gallery = ThisItem.DisplayName

Just check my version it is different to yours. Will try to downgrade version to yours and see if I can get back the features.



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You were correct after downgrading the authoring version I am able to see the attachments again.
This likely means it is a bug with the new authoring version.


Thank you so much for letting me know and helping me resolving this issue. I was about to pull all my hair of not understand what in my code was wrong.

Hopefully when they stop supporting this authoring version, the new one won't have issue.

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@Anonymous @cpadilla  Thank you for figuring this out a month before I ran into this problem!
I tried downgrading, but the version @cpadilla mentioned is no longer available.
The bug still seems to be present in version 3.22105.21 (currently recommended).
Upgrading to 3.22111.12 fixed the problem, so I'm guessing they've implemented a fix for this bug in the upcoming release.

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