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Attachments not working

Need your help please!!. I have built an app to submit details to a SharePoint list. The user fills the fields and also need to attach some documents. When ready clicks on a button that has a SubmitForm(MyForm).


Very easy right?...all good but after attaching the documents, when clicking on Submit the documents disappear!!! All the information is in the SP list but documents are not there.


And I know they are mysteriously erased because when I attach items and then go to the previous screen, then back to the screen to attach documents, the docs are not there anymore. Actually whatever I click after attaching the docs makes the disappear!


This form was working fine on version 3.18052.12, but now I am on version 3.18054.16 and have this issue. Any ideas of what I can do??


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Hi @jovan


Thanks for this, before trying just want to be sure of a couple of thing


What is delayed loading fuature for? What's going to happen if I turn it off? (apart from hopefully fixing this bug)

Any idea when the fix is going to be available to all of us?



Delayed Loading is a pure optimization feature. It allows you to load the application faster by delaying the loading of other resources that should not be made available right away. The worst thing that can happen after disabling it is that your application will take longer to load.

We did a couple of fixes for some of the related issues and those should come with the next release that should be available in the next couple of days. 

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@dinusc and @jovan

Thanks for the info. I think I am going to wait for the next release otherwise I'll try desabiling the delayed loading. I'll let you guys know here how it goes

Delayed loading only benefits apps that have multiple screens, so if your app has only one screen you may as well turn it off.  Even if you do have a handful of screens, you are unlikely to see significant benefit.  On the other hand an app with 100 screens will load significantly faster when delayed loading is on.



I'm mentioning this because there is a chance that the next release will be postponed a week, so if you are awaiting it, you may want to turn off delayed screen loading in the meantime.

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Ok, convinced, did it and that totally solved the problem!!!...thanks @jovan and @dinusc!!!!!

Really love this forum, PowerApps wouldn't be the same with out it 

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I have disabled this experimental feature but am still having the same issues

Have you saved and republished the app?


By the way, the fix was actually deployed today, with version 3.18061.  At this point in time nobody should be seeing this bug, even with delayed loading.  The only exception are end users who are on iOS / Android and have not yet updated their mobile apps from the app store.

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I just re-published ecen though it said it was the same version, but its working now. Thank you

I'm glad it worked. Please note that re-publishing is actually necessary to apply all the changes.


I am now having the same issue in release 3.18063.33.  Adding attachments updates the SharePoint site, however the list box for the attachments is empty on the view and edit form screens in web view and iphone app.  The "has attachments" indicates there is an attachment.  The Delayed Load is disabled (never was enabled to begin with and republished).  Note: This is a standalone canvas app that uses SharePoint not SharePoint using a Powerapps form.

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