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netmarie Advocate I
Advocate I

Re: Auto height bug?

My autoheight galleries are still experiencing an issue with being temporarily jumbled.  Waiting or clicking on the gallery generally resolves it, but this doesn't seem to be fixed yet.  Where do I see the PowerApps version?  

AlexN Advocate V
Advocate V

Re: Auto height bug?

Also having heavy problems with the autoheight feature inside a flexible gallery.

Setup: Page -> Gallery -> Label with autoheight

No nested gallery.


Current app version is 3.19021.13, lowest version ever was 3.19013.14


I am loading the items from a custom connector before navigating to the page with the error, so the lines are transferred to the page in the third Navigate parameter.


Changing app rendering didn't have any effect.


maverick17 Advocate II
Advocate II

Re: Auto height bug?

Having the same issue here with a label in an autoheight gallery.



Super User
Super User

Re: Auto height bug?

It will always be messed up looking when you just "Preview the App" from Edit mode. 


When you are in actual Play mode it is typically because it takes time to load and adjust. I have one that I needed the AutoHeight gallery on but that was an issue for me so I just put a timer on it that shows a "Loading" screen with spinner for just a few seconds and then hides it so...from a user point they don't see that.


BUT...If I have a lot of data there I still notice it to be an issue when I scroll..and that is annoying.

AlexN Advocate V
Advocate V

Re: Auto height bug?

Still not fixed for me...


New app rendering turned on or off. Optimization of controls turned on or off. Doesn't help...

Josiah Advocate I
Advocate I

Re: Auto height bug?

Thanks @jlister  this solved the problem for me also

@Flow team this glitch still exists

New Member

Re: Auto height bug?

Guys, the above solution didn't work for me...

So if you're still facing the issue, well I might I a solution for you!
My first contribution here since I'm very new in PowerApps and I really like that guy 😄


I figured out that the messy control is not the 'autoheight' itself but the 'wrap' one!
And even though both are set to true, I finally had to force the body (where is my text content) to 'wrap' on loading the screen.

So I simply set the screen OnVisible to: Body7.Wrap = true

And Voila! Works like a charm for me now!

I hope that it will help you too 😉

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