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Resolver II
Resolver II

Auto populate Text Box based on a Dropdown Value

Okay my PowerApps gurus that I have learned so much from………I am having a issue that should be an easy thing, but me and my learning curve just is not getting where I am making my mistake.


Here we go…I got a simple SP List with Three Columns (named as shown except Camera Number = Title).  What I need to do in the PowerApp is populate the text field of the Source depending on the selection of the Camera from a dropdown.


I have set a varible and also set UpdateContext, but I am not getting the correct value in the textinput.  Please help.


Camera Value Card:

DataField                             “Camera”

Default                                 ThisItem.Camera

DisplayMode     `                  Parent.DisplayMode

DisplayName                       “Camera”

Update                                 dd.Camera.Selected.Value



Camera Dropdown:

Default                                 Parent.Default

DisplayMode                        Edit       

Items                                    ‘Camera.Source’

OnChange                           UpdateContext({varCamRec: ddCamera.Selected.Value + TxtSource})



Source Value Card:


DataField                             “Source”

Default                                ThisItem.Source

DisplayMode                       Parent.DisplayMode

DisplayName                      “Source”

Update                                 TxtSource.Text



Source Text Input:

Default                                 varCamRec

DisplayMode                        Edit       

Mode                                    SingleLine



OK... yes... now that I see your Items property drills down to the ID field (instead of being the [dbo.tablename]), then you are only getting that one field and you have to do it the way you were before.


If you could get the Items property to point to the table (as above) rather than drilling down to the field, you could do things the way I suggested, because the whole record (all fields) would be in the dropdown.

Helper I
Helper I

Hi Guys,


I have a similar issue. I have a first screen on which i select a "car" and on the next screen i have an inputform connected to a sharepointlist.


What is would like is that the first datacard (Name) should be filled automatically based on the selection of the dropdown.


I tried to change the default value of the datacard with dropdown.Selectedtext or dropdown.selected, but it doesn't want to work.


Any idea?

@TimRohr @skylitedave @rameshkc @TerrificTerri 




i am getting data populated to textbox wrt dropdown using this. But i have a scenario like suppose location type is dropdown box having data like ‘Area’, district, state etc.

on selecting area let my text box should populate available schools in that area.

but as soon as i select area only one school getting populated to textbox. But i need to have empty textbox after selecting ‘Area’ in dropdown and in textbox when i search first 3 letters then all schools data must be shown under textbox with a scroll bar. Please provide a solution as soon as possible.

Thank you so much! I have been struggling with this all day. You're a lifesaver!!

Frequent Visitor

I have a datacard in form named as Total amount. I want that when user enter the value , it should get multiply by 10 or any number automatically and shows the result.

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