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AutoPopulate Text Field from Collection based on Combo box Selection

I am creating a power app to process our inventory and customer orders.


My SharePoint list for products far exceeds what PowerApps will call, so I created a collection called AllProducts that runs upon launch.


Dropdown input fields don't return enough results, so I need to use a combo box (multiselect is disabled). The combo box is used on the product name and I need the SKU and UOM to autopopulate in the form from the collection. 


I've tried to use variables and a collection to get the respective data, but I'm not getting the right syntax. What do I use to set the default property for those fields?


PowerApp Combobox.PNG


PowerApp Combobox 2.PNG


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Hi @crystalhowat 

Set the Default of your textinput controls to Combobox1.Selected.SKU or Combobox1.Selected.OUM 

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Hi @crystalhowat ,


From your screenshot, SKU seems to be a TextInput control. To set the default property of this control based on ProductName combobox selected item you can use:

LookUp(YourCollection,  ProductName=ProductNameComboBox.Selected.ProductName,SKU)


For UOM, which seems to be a comboBox control, I need to see the Items property to tell you what to do. 


Hi @gabibalaban 

A combobox selects an entire record.  All of the fields in that record should available simply by referencing it. 

Yes, I missed that part that the data came from the same collection. I still have my doubts about UOM, I don't know why but I think that is a choice / lookup column in sharepoint and the data came as records. Hope I'm wrong ! 

That was my default go to and it wouldn't reference any data. 

I think I changed the field of UOM to a combo box just to see if that would change it. It is a record and it doesn't like the LookUp formula that did work for SKU. That was a text record. Any ideas how to get that one to work?PowerApp Combobox 3.PNG


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Okay, I'm silly and I figured out that I just needed to reference the UOM as UOM.Value and the error went away.


But, once I make a change to that combo box, nothing appears. It only references the first item in the collection. I appear to be stuck once again. Please help!!!


I am not adverse to setting up a video conference if anyone out there is interested in helping me figure this out. I'm normally very good at tinkering until I get it to work.

PowerApp Combobox 4.PNG


I tried putting the lookup for the SKU in the OnChange and OnSelect properties as a variable setting and it worked and the UOM also updated even though I didn't make any changes there. But it only worked once and then I don't know what happened (facepalm).........

PowerApp Combobox 5.PNG

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