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Autofill previously submitted data

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Skilled Sharer

Then you need to reference each field in the ViewForm individually;
FullName: VarRecord.FullName
CitizenShip:VarRecord.CitizenShip.value, etc...
 This should work


@Silvester here is my code in the edit form. Set(varRecord, Self.LastSubmit);SubmitForm(EditForm1);Navigate(BadgeScreen)

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Skilled Sharer

Right there, the code should be

SubmitForm(EditForm1);Set(varRecord, Self.LastSubmit);Navigate(BadgeScreen)

@Silvester Got it. now in the display form on the badge screen and the datacards that fills them. what and where do I need to put code

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Skilled Sharer

You can reference every field by using

-Or better still if you have a form in the badge screen, set the form Item property to 
VarRecord  and that's all.

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@Silvester just getting " No item to display"

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Skilled Sharer

Can you send me a screenshot of how your form look like? Can you confirm if the form is in View mode?


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Super User

hi @charliekg 


Please find the following:

As per @Drrickryp its a better practice to set the last record in the Form's OnSuccess Property. This way when you have an error which makes error handling easier when you get to that.

When you wish to see the data you submitted in the form again, which look like what you are seeking it, set the Item property of the form to you variable varRecord. 


When you submit the data the form set to a new form but with a record hence you will get "No item to display". That is because there is nothing to display, no item is connected.


Example without setting the item to varRecord

Peek 2022-06-28 20-10.gif

Now the same form but setting the Item = varRecord


Peek 2022-06-28 20-12.gif


Notice instead of the "no data to display" the data you just submitted stays, you may want to add this to OnSuccess  Notify("Your data has been submitted.",NotificationType.Success,3000)



Hope this helps,







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