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Impactful Individual

Automatic zoom to selected control in iPhone


Please be so kind as to read my full post before responding.
Thank your for your consideration.

Recently I have noticed a "feature" of PowerApps on iPhone.
It automatically zooms in to the selected control in one of my PowerApps after selected said control.
It doesn't zoom out again after finishing input.
This behaviour is really annoying for me (and my end users).
Right now, after every input, I have to manually zoom out again to find the next control I want to change or click.

I have only noticed this annoying behaviour on our (single) iPhone device: iPhone 7, iOS 12.4, PowerApps 3.19071.14, Last test session: 544912bb-1a96-4ca7-b840-e1ba2383672c

  1. Is it possible to turn off this "automatic zoom" somewhere?
  2. Is it possible to completely turn off zooming inside PowerApps or a particular PowerApp?

Maybe related, I don't know:
This particular PowerApp is built with a responsive layout, i.e., scale to fit disabled, lock aspect disabled, lock orientation disabled, Width of all screens set to App.Width, Height of all screens set to App.Height, ...

    Sa Wu.


I can confirm the issue with the combo box fullscreen popup. Somehow, it triggers automatic zooming. It only happens the first time. If you zoom out and the open the combo box again, the zoom level will stay the same. I have let the product team know about this.

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Can anyone advise if a solution to this issue is close to being released. Have tried many of the suggestion in this forum and suggestions from other sources to no avail. As a company we are severely impacted as i Phones are our company phone of choice


Thanks in advance

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I'd also like to know if a fix is coming.  The zoom on iphones makes the calendar impossible to use.

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

hi @tahoon,

My fonts are set to 21 on all my input columns and I have the zoom as well, Is there a real workaround for this?


As a PA staff member, maybe you can influence someone to fix this? 🙂




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@tahoon  or anyone on the powerapps team.. Is there a fix being planned? The autozoom on ComboBoxes is infuriating for users. We need an update on this.

Is a fix for this on the roadmap? We have a bunch of complaints coming in about this and would like to offer hope to our users. Much appreciated!

Looking for a fix for this.

Happens on responsive apps on text input fields and also on combo boxes that have search text enabled.

Happens on apps that are set for responsive design as well as for apps that are set to auto scale. Only appears to happen on iPhone, not iPad.

This really takes the wind out of PowerApps being a “mobile” solution. I can’t recommend that our users use the iPhone mobile app until this is fixed because it really is that intrusive.
Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Hey @MIS 

Is there a user voice setup for this?

I’ve found that the issue will go away if text input size is 16. However, ComboBoxes are another matter.

If I disable the Search feature on the ComboBox, the issue doesn’t occur; however, if the Search feature is enabled, the issue occurs. Although I can set the Font Size on the ComboBox to 16, I cannot set the font size of the ComboxBox’s Search Text Input. This is what seems to trigger the zoom in problem.

That search text is too small and I can’t do anything about it other than not use the ComboBox.
Advocate I
Advocate I

Has this issue been resolved? I’m new to PA and my app is experiencing the same issue within the combo box with search field enabled. 

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