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Impactful Individual

Automatic zoom to selected control in iPhone


Please be so kind as to read my full post before responding.
Thank your for your consideration.

Recently I have noticed a "feature" of PowerApps on iPhone.
It automatically zooms in to the selected control in one of my PowerApps after selected said control.
It doesn't zoom out again after finishing input.
This behaviour is really annoying for me (and my end users).
Right now, after every input, I have to manually zoom out again to find the next control I want to change or click.

I have only noticed this annoying behaviour on our (single) iPhone device: iPhone 7, iOS 12.4, PowerApps 3.19071.14, Last test session: 544912bb-1a96-4ca7-b840-e1ba2383672c

  1. Is it possible to turn off this "automatic zoom" somewhere?
  2. Is it possible to completely turn off zooming inside PowerApps or a particular PowerApp?

Maybe related, I don't know:
This particular PowerApp is built with a responsive layout, i.e., scale to fit disabled, lock aspect disabled, lock orientation disabled, Width of all screens set to App.Width, Height of all screens set to App.Height, ...

    Sa Wu.

Regular Visitor

Posting a workaround
Advocate II
Advocate II

I found a bit of a rough workaround using the following (if this helps someone).


Put them on a page in this order:

 - 1 label

 - 1 text input

 - 1 gallery

 - 1 "x" icon


In terms of placement:

   - Gallery is below everything

   - Make a large (in height) text box, with the x icon on the right side of the text box

   - Put the label in the text box. 


  - 1 gallery

          - Do a vertical gallery on the thing you want in the combobox. Make it kinda skinny, so it looks like a dropdown.

          - Items: I've got mine filtering on a collection, but you can have whatever you want. 

          - ONSELECT: Set(varX,ThisItem.Site); Reset('TextInput)

          - Visible: Not(IsBlank('TextInput))

- 1 "x" icon (to exit the selection if you don't like it) -

        - ONSELECT: Set(varX, "")

        - VISIBLE: Not(IsBlank(varX))


 - label 

        - TEXT: varX


It ain't pretty, but I really needed a combobox...hope this helps somebody out there. 


I created a workaround as well. It involves using a component. I basically created a component similar to the one that Microsoft provides in the component library demo for O365 user search.


There are some modifications, though.  The data I need is in CDS, not O365.  So, I use a text output on the component for the search string and a Boolean output to trigger a search.  A hidden toggle control on the screen is set to the component’s Boolean output, and when that Boolean changes the OnChange property of the toggle performs a ClearCollect function to handle the search in the CDS data source. Finally, the collection itself is passed into the component as an Table Input property.


What a mess just to workaround the sizing issue with combo boxes.

Advocate II
Advocate II



It seems this behavior on iPhone is still unchanged now almost 2 years later, at least for combo boxes with "Searchable" set to "true". It does not occur with simple drop-down, list boxes, or input text fields.


As a workaround, I am now using an input text box, a list box, and a "down" icon. These three elements can be set up to work like a combo box. The text is used to filter the items of the list box, and the icon switches the list box to "visible".


As a further advantage, the search text can be reset for each new selection. With the ready-made combo box, the previous search text stays for the next search which I also find strange.


Anyway, it is unacceptable to the users that the screen would zoom in and stay like that after typing. So the workaround at least saves the app.


Best regards,


Hi Everyone, This long standing bug with Combo Box has been fixed. You will need to republish your app for the fix to be applied. Sorry for any inconvenience this caused.  

ComboBox iOS FixComboBox iOS Fix

New Member

If I may know, what is the fix? We are developing a new canvas app and zoom still happens on IOS.

Power Apps
Power Apps

The fix mentioned on ‎May 2021 is for the combo box. Are you still seeing this issue with combo boxes?

For other controls, iOS will automatically zoom on any text input that is too small. It's a feature of their platform. 

New Member

Yes, it zooms in for combo box the first time the app loads on my IOS device.

Power Apps
Power Apps

Is the font size large enough? I just created a new app with a combo box and it works fine on latest iOS.

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