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Azure-hosted SQL Database - Unknown Mashup Exception

Hi all,


This is my first attempt at PowerApps. I have a relatively simple SQL database running in Azure, and have created a connection config in PowerApps.


I can reach this DB from my PC using Management Studio so I know it's running and the credentials are right. However, both desktop and web versions of PowerApp designer get this same error after connecting, selecting the table, then the "building the app" animation appears, then I get error:


{"status":502,"message":"Unknown Mashup Exception.\r\n     inner exception: Processing of the HTTP request resulted in an exception. Please see the HTTP response returned by the 'Response' property of this exception for details.","source":""}


Does anyone know why this is happening?



Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi Sethwid - thanks for reporting this issue. We'll investigate this and provide you an update.

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I have the same problem Smiley Sad


And the irony is I migrated from Excel in OneDrive for business to CDM and to SQL Azure 😞

Hey - sorry about the trouble. @SameerCh - can you help look into this please?

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I had the same problem when trying to connect to a simple Azure SQL database, consisting of a single table with two columns of data.


In the end, the fix for me was to create a new table, before adding the regular columns I added the first column based on the int data types and set this to be the primary key (right click the column to do this in management studio). Then add the remaining columns as normal.


I also set my database to the S0 Standard pricing tier, it was originally configured on the Basic tier.


Hope that helps,



Regular Visitor

Same issue here as well.


The most common reason for this issue is that you are trying to connect to a table that doesnt have a primary key.  Can you check if the table you are trying to connect to has a primary key column.


We are working on making this more obvious to the user.

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@SameerCh, thanks, this suggestion resolves the 502 error. Do you know when the error message will be made more obvious?


Are there any news concerning this error? Just got it when trying to create a record with a Flow in an Azure SQL DB. The insert command affects just one table (which has a PK since this was stated as a possible reason for the error).
The strange thing is, that basically the same connection works when using it in Azure LogicApp with the same DB on the same DB-server.

Best Regards,

Sorry I misundertood.  I dont know upfront what could cause this issue.  If you send across the FlowID, or the detailed output of the failed step, it will probably help us get to understand what went wrong.


Sometimes, 502 can be transient errors.

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