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Community Champion

BEST PRACTICES: Take, view, delete and upload photos in PowerApps

We REALLY need to iron out repeatable patterns for taking, viewing, deleting and uploading photos within PowerApps. Ideally building a component for this.

Here is my current pattern (pseudocode), I don't like it and want your input:

  1. Form Screen:
    1. OnVisible
      1. If EditForm and Record has uploaded images, then Collect images where GUID = varGUID
    2. Camera icon OnSelect
      1. Navigate to Photo Screen
  2. Photo Screen:
    1. OnVisible
      1. Reset/hide controls/setup screen
    2. AddMedia control
      1. User selects/takes photo
      2. AddMedia.Image shown along with a comment box
      3. User clicks "Save" button
      4. Image and metadata (comments, GUID, etc.) bundled using JSON()
      5. JSON() bundle sent to Flow. Flow creates image in Sharepoint Document Library
  3. Timer control
    1. 10 second timer starts with Spinner on the screen (THIS IS THE PART I DON"T LIKE, USER HAS TO WAIT FOR 10 SECS HERE)
    2. OnTimerEnd property
      1. ClearCollect colUploadedPhotos from Sharepoint Doc Library all photos where GUID = varGUID
  4. Picture Gallery
    1. Items property
      1. colUploadedPhotos
    2. Image property within Gallery, ThisItem.{Thumbnail}
  5. Refresh Button
    1. Sometimes 10 seconds is not enough for the Flow to run and users new photo does not show up.
    2. OnSelect property
      1.  ClearCollect colUploadedPhotos from Sharepoint Doc Library all photos where GUID = varGUID (until the images show up)

Ideally, I'm looking for a pattern where user can View/Delete photos as soon as they are "saved" within the app. Then (maybe?) one big Upload at the end of adding all photos.


Community Champion
Community Champion



Great idea, we might look into this as it could be useful.


We have the Timer part we recently shared with the Community

App Timer Wait Recipe 


The rest of it, we do not have it but it is something we might look into, interesting idea. Would you be interested in a fully fleshed app template that does all of these things?


As for improving your pseudocode, we think after looking at it a couple times, the pseudocode sounds about right but obviously it's worth taking a few close looks at it to make sure there isn't an easier way (but there may not be an easier way).

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