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BUG - Barcodescanner sets the focus for the entire App



I have found an issue with the barcode scanner. Once I perform a Scan the focus of the camera is set to a document mode. If I use the camera after the barcode scanner, the camera wont focus. In my case that means that the users have to restart the app after using the scanner. 


Please fix this issue as soon as possible




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Again sorry for the late answer. Microsoft Support fixed this.

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I have been building an Application using PowerApps for quite some time now and recently stumbled upon an issue where the camera focus is defaulting to a "Document Mode" where it cant focus on things that are far away. The users need to capture damage on big machines and have to have the focus of the device work for that reason (it is a new Ipad, so the device should not be an issue).


Somehow when I delete the cache and restart the App it seems to fix that for a little while, before it comes back.

This renders my work and my app completely useless. Is this a known issue ? I could not find anything on it anywhere.

I am using the Add Media Control, since I need high resolution Images and I turned "UseMobileCamera" on.


Also deleting the cache works as a fix for me as a developer, but we can't assume that the end-users of the app will be able to do so efficiently when this bug arrives. 


I have also tried Clearing all the Data that I save locally to the device, but that does not seem to fix it consistently.


I would really appreciate some help since I spend a lot of time on this project. 


Kind Regards



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Hardyy ,


Where are you defining this "UseMobileCamera" feature? Could you show me the current configuration on your PowerApp of the camera control?


I tried to repro this in the mobile device that I have available which is an Android (Galaxy S8), but I was not able to get this behavior of the camera having the "document mode" focus, and the auto focus appeared to be working as expected.


Maybe this could be related with the current configuration you have on your control and where you are making changes to it.







Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Hardyy ,


I would suggest opening a Support ticket through to report this incident and for it to be investigated on our end.


Hope this helps!






Hi @rimatos ,


Quite sorry about the late reply but I have been quite busy. I have seen the same behavior on any IOS device that I have tested this on (IPad 7th gen, IPad  4th gen and IPhone 6).


I really do not think it has anything to do with my configuration of the UploadMedia-Control, since the only thing that I have changed are the following two things:


I've enabled "UseMobileCamera" and I have set the "OnSelect" to:

        titel: varCurrentItem.TourId;
        serial: varCurrentSerial;
        image: AddMediaButton1.Media


This is about it. I've tried this with a stock configuration and a new App as well, but nothing helped.
I guess this might be an IOS compatibility issue.
Unfortunately using android is not an option.



Thank you for your time and your answers, I will open a ticket like you have mentioned.


Hello! I have the same problem. Did u fix this ? 

Again sorry for the late answer. Microsoft Support fixed this.

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