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[BUG] Gallery template size breaks when screen size changes

I've been created a grid like screen, building Editable Grid Power Apps .
I've noticed a weird behaviour, where when I reduce the height of the windows the app is displayed in (for instance, from a standard 16/9 to 16/4), the templates seem to have padding in between them:
The normal view:


what happens when I reduce the height of the windows (say tile the browser to the bottom/top half of the screen)



This also happens in a standard gallery I have within the app


(Notice below how each item has extra padding on top of it)


This behaviour happens whether Grid.TemplateHeight is a fixed value or a calculated value.
All template fields have got their height set to : Height=Grid.TemplateHeight

This behaviour makes no sense to me, and I've lost a day banging my head against it.
Is it possible this is an internal inconsistency between using absolute and relative units (px vs percent for example)

Helper I
Helper I

I may have found the issue, and it seems it is a bug with the platform itself (how it's not been caught before, not sure)

This behaviour of inconsitent template sizes only happens if the screen size changes while the user is on the same screen. Once the screen is reloaded, (navigate in/out of another screen), everything lines up just fine.

I'm assuming there's two "values" used within Powerapps to define a gallery's template height when displaying in browser, and one of them is fixed while the other one is dynamic,. Different components of the gallery therefore become placed inconsistently.


This even more of an issue on mobile when the orientation of the screen can change on the app, breaking grid display.
When switching from landscape to portrait on mobile, the grid breaks so hard that the delimiters stop lining up with the items.


I confirmed the issue on firefox and chrome on linux, as well as firefox and the powerapps app on android.

From source portrait


To landscape (broken)


From source landscape


To portrait (broken)



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