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BUG? Powerapps custom sharepoint form - Rich text editor gets height 0

I have a sharepoint list in which I've used Powerapps to customize the list form.


One of the fields on this form is using a Rich Text Editor to update a sharepoint multiline text column with enhanced rich text.


Intermittently (generally when you first go to the website) the rich text editor on the powerapps form will have collapsed. You can't click into the field.  This happens regardless of whether there is text in the field or not.  When it is collapsed, I use inspect element in the browser to try to see what's going on, and I see that the containing element (cke_1_contents) has gotten a style attribute which says "height:0px".  

Clearly whatever is setting this height to 0 is the issue.  

I've tried several approaches.  This happens with the height of the rich text editor hard coded.  It happens if the height is set to a variable that's set to a high number (like 250) on visible.  I've even tried using a button to push additional text into it, and to set the height of the control manually (in which case the button doesn't affect the height - it's just ignored, even though I can verify the button formula was run).  

Hitting ctrl f5 on the browser window will make the problem go away, but it's usually right back after a few hours.  It's always back the next day.  

Has anyone else seen this behavior?  Help!


Hi Drew -  You mentioned Microsoft confirmed the bug.  Is there a bug/reference number?

Power Apps
Power Apps

The fix for this bug should now be deployed to all PROD regions (frequent release cadence).  Please re-publish any affected apps using Studio version 3.21111 or greater.


My version is 3.21112.22 and I still see the bug. Am I missing anything? I dont see actually text area for Rich text editor.






Power Apps
Power Apps

@RameshMukka I've raised this to the appropriate team.  We will investigate.

I am on version is 3.22014.14 and still experiencing this bug where there is no text area on the Rich Text Editor. I can refresh the SharePoint list several times and eventually get them to appear. Is there are solution to this?

Its still a bug. I have replaced Rich Text with Plain Text as I ran out of options.

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I republished with 3.21111.36 a while back and we continue to have the problem as well.  Our staff has been living with the issue, but we'd love to see it fixed.  Thanks for raising the issue again, @_Corey_ .

Power Apps
Power Apps

@hawkkry1 @RameshMukka @Fred_Eyrich An additional bug fix will be available in Studio version 3.22032, expected to be available during the week of March 14th.

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