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BUG - Radio button does not show any selection when value changes

Hi all,


Let's see if I can put into words what goes on (I will attach an animated GIF also):


In my form I have two radio buttons for Yes/No (Ja/Nej). When I click on a person in the app for the first time the radio button's value updates OK. When I select another person, the radio buttons show the correct value only if the underlying value is also changed. If person 2's value is the same as person 1's, no radio button will the selected! Needless to say, this is very annoying (as yet I said it!).


Hope this can be fixed soon as the app will go live in a week or two.


EDIT - I put radio buttons on the main screen and not in the form and connected them to the gallery's selection.When doing that, the radio buttons always displayed the correct data, so it seems it's a problem with the radio buttons and the form.


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So I did a test app, using the same on prem SQL-data.


The gallery is on the left hand side. On the right hand side there are three areas:

  • one with a label and two radio buttons
  • one with a view form
  • one with an edit form

In the video I click items in the gallery and notice the following:

  • When changing item in the gallery, the first two areas updates OK all the time
  • For the view form, when the value (Publiceringsratt) doesn't change value from one item to the other, the radio buttons won't show a selection


This shows that the problem is related to radio buttons in edit forms.

We have the same problem, it's a frustrating bug. We implemented an 'autosave' on our form because some staff were leaving it open forever and forgetting to save, and came across this issue. (save and close apparently works fine, just "save" in the form causes the data loss). 


also came across this thread, same issue:



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@BitLord69 @grodinsm thanks for sharing this, and a ticket will be created for this. I will update you as soon as I hear anything.

Any updates on this? Users are going crazy over this bug, they think they ahve done something wrong...  Or is two months too short time for MS to react to a very bad bug?

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