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Advocate III
Advocate III

BUG: Screen Rotation and Pinch to Zoom, changes App.Width

We have experienced this bug since the release of responsive power apps where screen rotation is used. I'm hoping someone on the Power Apps team will fix this, or provide a workaround. Currently it is not possible to have apps with rotation, as they get "jumbled" if the users is zoomed in.


Scenario that works:

1. Responsive app in original orientation

2. User Rotates screen


Scenario that breaks app:

1. Responsive app in original orientation

2. User zooms in, on purpose or accidentally

3. User Rotates screen

The app then gets all jumbled up and does not display correctly. The only solution is to close the app and re-open it. We have done all kinds of testing and there is no solution to this that we can find.


App with proper scaling in portrait mode: Note App.Width=834


App with proper scaling in Landscape mode: Note App.Width=1194



App with jumbled scaling in Portrait mode: Note App.Width has changed=578 (this changes depending on how zoomed in you were before rotating)



App with jumbled scaling in Landscape mode: Note App.Width has changed=834 (this changes depending on how zoomed in you were before rotating)



As the above screenshots show, the actual App.Width property is changing, meaning there is nothing you can do within the app to correct it. Controls that have a width of App.Width only scale to within the new smaller container. Zooming in a lot results in the app width being 50-150 which means it's basically a white screen with small amount of controls jumbled in the top left. This is happening on all iOS devices, including iPads and iPhones.


Either we need to have the ability to turn off pinch to zoom (which would be very nice, proper responsive apps do not need zoom) or the bug needs to be fixed so that the app container rotates properly.

Super User
Super User

Changing from portrait to landscape even in responsive mode, at least on Apple Products, seems to always be a 50/50 chance at whether or not it will work. I don't think it is anything you are doing and more likely how the device is sending info to your app. Hopefully gets fixed one day. Don't even have to have zoomed to trigger this issue, can open it, and not touch screen then rotate it back and forth 10 times, and a handful of times it will not render properly, every time.

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