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Barcode reader integrated in device does not read in powerapps. Why?

barcode reader integrated in device does not read in powerapps. Why?


No, I have already solved it, thanks for your help, very kind

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Could you please direct me to any code snippet here. We want to use the scan button on the TC70x series zebra scanner instead of using the camera. 


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I found it works when having the barcode scanner serves as the input for a text input control. The irritating part is, when the text input control is selected the onscreen keyboard appears, and won't disappear when the barcode is scanned. Is there any way to prevent this from happening? Or to have the barcode value sent to another control from which the barcode value can be accessed?

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No, I haven't found a way to do that. I've been researching it for quite some time.

Hi Eric,


I am having the same issue with Zebra mobile scanner. the app is working fine on phone, but running on Zebra device, it does not scan, any change need to be made with the app?




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Does anyone manage to use Zebra barcode scanner (non-camera scanner) with a power app?
Ideally, I'm looking for a function to run with a power app button to set the scanned value to a variable.

Hello @Anonymous , 


Can you help me with this? I want to use a integrated barcode reader for scanning barcodes with PowerApps?

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The best solution I've found for non-native Barcode Reader is:
1) set a button,
2) Place a transparent textbox input  with a transparent font colour on top of the button.
3) Set up some indicator for user that device is ready for scanning. 
   I did next:
  3.1) OnVisible property for current screen: Set(scannerDialog, false)
  3.2) OnSelect property of the transparent textbox input: Set(scannerDialog, true)
  3.3) Set a new text label and cancel button with Visible property: scanDialog
  3.4) Set cancel button OnSelect property: Set(scanDialog, false)
  3.5) Set text label Text property to: "Scan now!"

4) Set Default property of the textbox input to: ""
5) Set Visible property of the textbox input to: If('TextInput1'.Text = "", true,false)
            TextInput1 is a name of your textbox input element.
6) Set OnChange property of the textbox input to:
            Set(lastScanValue, 'TextInput1'.Text);
            Set(scanDialog, false)
7) to see scanned value make a text label with Text property: "Last Scan: "&lastScanValue
I believe this is a only way to create a user friendly interface for an external Barcode Reader.
Unfortunately you can't remove/hide onscreen keybord popup.

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Hello, I'm having the same problem, Has anyone managed to integrate a Zebra Scanner with Power Apps, in the option to scan barcodes?

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