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Book a room, Available rooms error

Hi, I am using Book a room template for my school. What I have noticed is that when booking the room without a meeting, all the rooms show up until I define a time, After I define a time there are no rooms available, All the rooms are available at that time and should appear. Any ideas/ help would be greatly appreciated. 


Here is the code listed.

Collect(CalendarLocalizedLabel, {Value:"Calendar"},{Value:"Kalender"},
{Value:"Egutegia"},{Value:"Kalendaryo"},{Value:"Calendrier"},{Value:"Féilire"},{Value:"Am mìosachan"},{Value:"Kalanda"},
{Value:"Takvim"},{Value:"Senenama"},{Value:"Ημερολόγιο"},{Value:"კალენდარი"},{Value:"לוח שנה"},{Value:"کیلنڈر"},
ClearCollect(RoomsLists, Office365.GetRoomLists().value);
If(CountRows(RoomsLists) <= 1,
Set(NoRoomsList, true);
ClearCollect(AllRooms, Office365.GetRooms().value);
Set(AllRoomsConnector, Concat(AllRooms, Address & ";")),
Set(NoRoomsList, false)
ClearCollect(Durations, {Time: "40 min", Minutes: 40}, {Time: "80 min", Minutes: 80}, {Time: "120 min", Minutes: 120}, {Time: "160 min", Minutes: 160}, {Time: "200 min", Minutes: 200}, {Time: "240 min", Minutes: 240}),

ClearCollect(Times, {Text: "8:05 am", Minutes: 485}, {Text: "8:45 am", Minutes: 525}, {Text: "9:25 am", Minutes:565 }, {Text: "10:05 am", Minutes:605 }, {Text: "10:45 am", Minutes: 645}, {Text: "11:00 am", Minutes: 660}, {Text: "11:40 am", Minutes: 700}, {Text: "12:20 pm", Minutes: 740}, {Text: "1:00 pm", Minutes: 780}, {Text: "1:40 pm", Minutes: 820}, {Text: "2:20 pm", Minutes: 860}, {Text: "3:00 pm", Minutes: 900}, {Text: "3:40 pm", Minutes: 940}, {Text: "4:20 pm", Minutes: 980}, {Text: "5:00 pm", Minutes: 1020}),

Set(MyCalendar, LookUp(Office365.CalendarGetTables().value, DisplayName = LookUp(CalendarLocalizedLabel,Value=DisplayName).Value).Name),
If(!IsBlank(Office365Users.MyProfile()), Set(MyName, Office365Users.MyProfile())),
Set(DateSelected, Today())

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@MrBowen92 I just tried this template and it worked fine for me. Times pre-loaded within half hour of the current time and if I adjusted the times it all still worked. Maybe it's to do with how your rooms are setup - this maybe an IT Dept thing to look at?


Could you share some screen shots / list of steps you follow, etc? I don't think there are errors in the code because it works for me.


BTW it's a cool pre-built app - very easy to use

The problem stems from the fact the app is set by default for 30 mins. It works for me with 11 am, 1.00pm and 3.00pm, however it does not work if time is not an interval of 30 minutes. Were you able to get it working for at a time of say 11.40 am? Thank you so much for your interest and help!


The Times are set in the code for the OnStart for this app where a collection called 'Times' is created (see pic). You could just add to this code to get the times you require.


Eg, I've added times for 12:15 and 12:45 below


// adds time = 12:00am
{Text: "12:00 am", Minutes: 0}, 

// adds time = 12:15am
{Text: "12:15 am", Minutes: 15},

// adds time = 12:30am
{Text: "12:30 am", Minutes: 30}, 

//adds time = 12:45am
{Text: "12:45 am", Minutes: 45}

// and so on
{Text: "1:00 am", Minutes: 60}, {Text: "1:30 am", Minutes: 90}, 



I haven't tested how this would affect your Outlook calendar but it wouldn't take a lot to test it.




EDIT: as a test I just set up times for 12:45pm and 2:10pm and set a meeting for those Start/Finish times and it populated my Outlook calendar correctly 🙂 

I have the same problem. If i choose 45 min timewindows it shows no free rooms.


i just changed the time collections.

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Hi! any solutions?

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