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Book a room - display room capacity

Is there any way to display fields other than the roomname and e-mail adress of a room/resource in EOL/O365?

I'm looking for a way to show the capacity (and maybe other attributes) in the book a room app. I'm kinda confused if the "capacity" property is an Echange field or an Azure Active Directory feeld.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Gerard,


You could check in below documentation about all the attributes that you could get from Office365 outlook in PowerApps:


It seems that there is no such one for capacity.


You can whether submit an idea or you can change to use other ones.




Community Support Team _ Mona Li
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Helper IV
Helper IV

Hi @Gerard


Did you find the Solution for this issue as I am looking for the same?



Hi @v-monli-msft 


Is there any solution available now for this issue?




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@Gerard @AppDeveloper 

If you store it in a sharepoint it can work as a temporary replacement till an actual feature arrives.

You have roomname and email address for each room so on the sharepoint have the fields - 

Title (roomname)



Then in the powerapps you can used First(Filter(Title = roomname)).Capacity or First(Filter(Email=

Hi @Anonymous 


Thanks for your reply. It sounds a good idea.


Before I start working on it this is how I am going to work on it.

At the moment I am making Book a room app on development environment. Once it is done I will have to move it to the Production Environment for the access of whole organisation.


1. Where should I make SharePoint List? and if I make it using my credentials how PowerApps will keep accessing it when other users will be using the App (after I move this App to Production Environment) . I mean will it be OK?

This might be very simple but I just started working on PowerApps and need answers to such questions.


Best Regards



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Hey @AppDeveloper 


The sharepoint list can be made anywhere as long as it is attached to the app, as long as the user had 'view' access (NOT 'edit' access - you dont wan't other users messing it up) they can load from it.


If you create a sharepoint list then go to list settings then list permissions you should be able to set everyone in the organisation to a 'view' access.


This means that the user can load the capacity from the sharepoint without problem via First(Filter(Title = roomnumber)).Capacity


One of the pieces I learnt far too late while programming in powerapps is it'll use none of your credentials... it will always use the users credentials. Flows, sharepoints etc must all be able to be accessed by the user since it doesn't go through your account.


Hope this helps!


Here's a link for sharepoint permissions (i think it has all the needed info, let me know if u need further help) -

Hey @Anonymous

Once gain Thanks for making me Clear.

On your guideline I did try but getting few errors. This is what I did

1. Made a SharePoint List and Create a Collection successfully on the basis of this list onVisible Property of a screen

2. Collection is called RoomResources

3. added a Label and on its Text property first tried your Filter function which did not work then tried LookUp() as seen in Picture but no luck.

4. If you could see with both Filter() and lookup() Please


Best Regards


Sharing Screen with you.



SharePoint List or RoomResources Columns names are as follows














Sorry one thing more

Please note that I have changed the spellings of Capacity. on Sharepoint list its not Capicity anymore




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Hey, so I tested both versions of the solution and they worked fine for me.

Circular references can be caused by two items setting themselves based on another item.

Is there anything that bases its data on the capacity field?

Try reloading, clicking a few things or using the app checker - try to make the error show up, circular references normally come in at least sets of 2 so you may be able to find why by checking the other field.

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