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Book a room - display room capacity

Is there any way to display fields other than the roomname and e-mail adress of a room/resource in EOL/O365?

I'm looking for a way to show the capacity (and maybe other attributes) in the book a room app. I'm kinda confused if the "capacity" property is an Echange field or an Azure Active Directory feeld.

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Of course it does....

I was being an idiot 😫 - the code i made just cross-references itself and gets the first item..................

Ok, so in the previous picture you highlighted in yellow boxes the names of the rooms, could you let me know the names of those boxes and any code inside?

Hi @Anonymous 


Once again many Thanks. and i appreciate your time and the interest you are taking in solving this issue

Here is the detail

1. Screen Name = RoomSelectScreen on its OnVisible property it loads the following code 


Set(CalendarFromSelectMeeting, false);
    Set(AvailableRoomsCounter, 1);
    UpdateContext({ShowLoading: true});
    Set(RoomsLeft, Blank());
    Set(DateTimeRoomChange, false);
        ClearCollect(AllRooms, Office365.GetRoomsInRoomList(RoomsListsGallery.Selected.Address).value)
    If(CountRows(AllRooms) > 20,
        Set(AllRoomsConnector, Concat(FirstN(AllRooms, 20), Address & ";")),
        Set(AllRoomsConnector, Concat(AllRooms, Address & ";"))

    ClearCollect(AvailableRooms, Office365.FindMeetingTimes({RequiredAttendees: AllRoomsConnector, IsOrganizerOptional: true, 
        Start: StartDateTimeUTC, End: EndDateTimeUTC, MeetingDuration: DateDiff(StartDateTime, EndDateTime, Minutes),
        MinimumAttendeePercentage: "1", ActivityDomain: "Unrestricted"}));

    ClearCollect(AvailableRoomsSorted, SortByColumns(First(AvailableRooms).MeetingTimeSuggestions, "Confidence", Descending));

    ClearCollect(AvailableRoomsConcat, Concat(Filter(First(AvailableRoomsSorted).AttendeeAvailability, Availability = "Free"), 
        Attendee.EmailAddress.Address, ","));

    ClearCollect(AvailableRoomEmails, Split(First(AvailableRoomsConcat).Value, ","));

    ClearCollect(AvailableRoomEmailName, AddColumns(RenameColumns(AvailableRoomEmails, "Result", "Email"), "Name",
        LookUp(AllRooms, Email = Address).Name)); ClearCollect(Facilities, RoomDetails);

    UpdateContext({ShowLoading: false});
    Set(RoomsLeft, CountRows(AllRooms) - 20 * AvailableRoomsCounter)







2. in this Screen There is  Gallery called RoomsGallery on its Items Property it Loads a Collection AvailableRoomsNameEmail. the Bold room names which are appearing on the boxes are simply text coming as Text = ThisItem.Name

3. under this RoomsGallery the name of box is BorderRadius which is button in itself (see following image)

4. under the same RoomsGallery i insert a label and wants to fetch info from my collection.

5. My Collection name is Facilities based on sharepoint list and has RoomCapacity, RoomName, RoomLocation etc details








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So if the facilities sharepoint contains the room details and the gallery is set up from AvailableRoomEmailName would this work:

First(Filter(Facilities, RoomName = Title2_1.Text)).RoomCapacity


Assuming the page name is stored in Title2_1.


Give this a shot and let me know if an error comes.

Hi @Anonymous 


It threw the same error of Invalid Argument. I found a new solution and need a little tweaking.

What is did is that I added a columns in AvailableRoomEmailName Collection. This new column is coming from my second Collection which is based on SharePoint list (Facilities). The following formula is working 100% fine but I need little tweaking to add more columns in this and have no idea how.

AddColumns(AvailableRoomEmailName, "Capacity", LookUp(Facilities, RoomName = AvailableRoomEmailName[@Name], RoomCapacity))


Columns in AvailableRoomEmailName = Name,Email,Capacity

Columns in Facilities= RoomName, RoomLocation,RoomCapacity,Others


I hope we have find the solution if more than one columns can be added to the above formula




Hi @Anonymous 


I found the Solution and added few more columns in it and these are working fine

At the Item Property of RoomGallery following formula is adding all columns in AvailableRoomEmailName and each peace of information is accessible with dot (.) and name of newly added columns


I appreciate your efforts and time all these discussions caused this thought and we found the solution


Best Regards




AddColumns(AvailableRoomEmailName, "Capacity", LookUp(Facilities, RoomName = AvailableRoomEmailName[@Name], RoomCapacity),"Location",LookUp(Facilities, RoomName = AvailableRoomEmailName[@Name], RoomLocation),"Others",LookUp(Facilities, RoomName = AvailableRoomEmailName[@Name], Others))
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Hopefully the whole conversation helps others trying to display capacity 👌

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