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Book a room template with filter throws an error

Aim is to filter  set of room s for end users to book. Just started testing to filter out single room Name = "3.16(City)"


Point 1 - On Visible property of RoomSelectScreen , I have added the following to filter in the following code


Set(CalendarFromSelectMeeting, false);
Set(AvailableRoomsCounter, 1);
UpdateContext({ShowLoading: true});
Set(RoomsLeft, Blank());
Set(DateTimeRoomChange, false);
ClearCollect(AvailableRooms, Office365.FindMeetingTimes({RequiredAttendees: AllRoomsConnector, IsOrganizerOptional: true,
Start: StartDateTimeUTC, End: EndDateTimeUTC, MeetingDuration: DateDiff(StartDateTime, EndDateTime, Minutes),
MinimumAttendeePercentage: "1", ActivityDomain: "Unrestricted"}));

ClearCollect(AllRooms, Filter(Office365.GetRoomsInRoomList(RoomsListsGallery.Selected.Address).value, Name = "3.16(City)"))
If(CountRows(AllRooms) > 20,
Set(AllRoomsConnector, Concat(FirstN(AllRooms, 20), Address & ";")),
Set(AllRoomsConnector, Concat(AllRooms, Address & ";"))

ClearCollect(AvailableRoomsSorted, SortByColumns(First(AvailableRooms).MeetingTimeSuggestions, "Confidence", Descending));

ClearCollect(AvailableRoomsConcat, Concat(Filter(First(AvailableRoomsSorted).AttendeeAvailability, Availability = "Free"),
Attendee.EmailAddress.Address, ","));

ClearCollect(AvailableRoomEmails, Split(First(AvailableRoomsConcat).Value, ","));

ClearCollect(AvailableRoomEmailName, AddColumns(RenameColumns(AvailableRoomEmails, "Result", "Email"), "Name",
LookUp(AllRooms, Email = Address).Name));

UpdateContext({ShowLoading: false});
Set(RoomsLeft, CountRows(AllRooms) - 20 * AvailableRoomsCounter)

Point 2 - On start property of the app, I have added the following filter

ClearCollect(RoomsLists, Office365.GetRoomLists().value);
If(CountRows(RoomsLists) <= 1,
Set(NoRoomsList, true);
ClearCollect(AllRooms, Filter(Office365.GetRooms().value,Name = "3.16(City)"));
Set(AllRoomsConnector, Concat(AllRooms, Address & ";")),
Set(NoRoomsList, false)


And I receive the following runtime errors at two control , One in room select screen and button save changes


Office365.FindMeetingTimes failed: { "error": { "code": "BadArgument", "message": "Attendees must be added if the organizer is optional", "details": [ { "code": "UnsupportedScenario", "target": "IsOrganizerOptional", "message": "Attendees must be added if the organizer is optional" } ] } }


No room s get displayed when I add the filter to a single room.





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