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Booking system gallery auto scroll



I have built a call back solution for our service desk which is working great. Users can book a time slot for a call back, and if the time is already booked it disables the button with a 'Reserved' message. I have also set it to disable the button if the time is in the past, or 30 minutes ahead of time. All working great. 


What I need to do now is have the time slot gallery auto scroll to the next available time so that the user doesn't have to scroll down to the next available slot. Or alternatively I could have all of the 'Reserved' slots hide so that only available slots are displayed. Could someone please advise how I could achieve either of the two options?


Annotation 2020-08-05 100234.png

For example in the image above I would like the Gallery to auto scroll to 14:00


My initial thought was to put something in the Default setting that would round the current time up to the nearest 15 minutes, however we don't offer slots between 9am-2pm so that wouldn't work. 

Any suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated.



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Super User

What about filtering the Gallery. What formula do you have on the Items of the Gallery?


Filter (Datasource, BookedColumn<>"Reserved")


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The data source in the gallery is just a list of values in the Items property, you can see in the screenshot I posted. 

When a user clicks to book a slot it simply saves the Date and Time value to single line text columns in SharePoint. 

The DisplayMode property of the button filters the SharePoint list columns for Date and Time and disables the button if it finds an item logged with that time and date. If the DisplayMode is set to disabled then it updates the button text to 'Reserved'.


Based on that, is it possible to apply a filter to the Items property if the property itself is the source? And if so can I use the Text or DisplayMode property of the Button to filter on?


I have updated the datasource in the Gallery now to a new SharePoint list called. The list is just a Title field with the list of timeslots. 


Still unsure how to filter it due it not having any other columns. The other list where the bookings are logged has a Date and a Time field, the Time field values will match the Title values in the Timeslots list. 


Am I able to filter my gallery based on the above?

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