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Broken (corrupt?) Automate (flow) connections

Can someone help me to better understand how to stop broken connections. We have multiple users who keep having these broken connections and it is causing some pretty serious problems. They report that they are closing and re-opening Powerapps each day and are using the web-version of the application. We realize now that we made some changes to flows when we shouldnt have - but now we cant seem to find a way to stop the cycle of broken connections. I know its simple but I'm just not following the logic here. What can I do to stop the cycle?


It feels like if we save fresh versions of all of our flows, then attach them to the current live version of the powerapp then publish and dont delete the ones that we already have - This should stop the cycle if they are getting in every day fresh on the web version. But it doesnt seem to have stopped the cycle. 

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Hi @Friendke ,

You need to delete the Flow from the app,  and re-connect it. If might have to close and re-open the app also. If this does not work, rename the Flow before re-attaching.


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What do we need to tell existing users? We had this happen today after Re-creating all of the flows with new names last night, Deleting the older versions of the flows, from the powerapp, adding the new-renamed versions, then publishing. Then today an existing user couldnt spark the new workflows. Where in that process did I screw up. 


@Friendke ,

Is this user on a browser or a mobile app? The renaming and re-attaching should work as long as the user has the "current" version of the app.


User appears to be using the web version (so I would think that they are using the most current version). We didn't really give people a lot of options towards consuming the app in any other form yet (mostly because app is so new we think they need time to get used to the app before they have to start considering things like Version control). 


I am going to go through here shortly and simply delete the flows (both as data sources and their onselect button controls), Then I am going to re-add the flows back into the app and then publish. Then tomorrow I will have them investigate whether or not they are still seeing failures with the flows. 



We have attempted to remove the WF's, Readd them, Rename them, Save as and readd them, Save them turn them off turn them back on re-add them and we still have a couple of users (who are definitely using the web browser version to log in - that keep getting the same errrors). Each time we try something with the WF we are deleting them and then re-adding them. It is not happening to all of our workflows - just certain ones. I have even tried to completely rebuild the flows from the ground up - As in an entirely new one where I didnt keep any of the same components but just eyeballed the recreation. I am calling the WF's from a button inside a component and I'm not sure if that might have something to do with it... 

@Friendke you see these errors where you have multiple connections are added inside a flow. To avoid this, create/build flows with a service account instead of user accounts.


having multiple connections definitely causes these issues. So, build you flows with a service account, if it is not so.



Do you know if there is another way to get around this - other than a service account? Would this possibly be caused by sharing with everyone in the sharepoint list as opposed to just sharing with one other account? 

@Friendke sharing the connections won't harm the system but then these issues occur when those connections won't get refreshed. By the shared connections are something introduced newly to support existing connections instead of creating new ones. But somehow they are not getting refreshed. So, suggested and best approach is to use a service account

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