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Browser runnign out of memory when trying to navigate to edit from in the app



I'm facing very weird problem since the last update of power app version 3.19112.24 and same with latest 3.19112.26. I have gallery control in the app , on select of the records I'm navigating to the Edit form screen. The moment I'm selecting Power apps crashes ,

Browser runs out of memory. Even I have removed the formula from the on select property and just trying to navigate to the edit screen, still same Power app crashes both in Edit and play mode. This is happening since the yesterday latest update 3.19112.24 and same with latest 3.19112.26. The weird thing is I have 2 other gallery's  and edit form in the app and this issue does not occur with this  screen. Could you please look into this ASAP as this is effecting the production app.



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @abdul605 ,

Do you mean that the issue would show up when you click an item within your Gallery to navigate to Edit form?

Have you taken a try with different browsers to run your app?


Based on the issue that you mentioned, I have made a test on my side, and don't have the issue that you mentioned. Based on the issue that you mentioned, it seems that there is no enough available RAM to run your canvas app in your PC.


Please consider close some backend process in your PC, then try your app again, check if the issue is solved. Also please consider clear cache of your browser, then sign in PowerApps again, try your app again, check if the issue still exists.


You coul also consider re-start your PC, then run your app again in your browser again, check if the issue is fixed. If the issue still exists, please consider capture the App Id of your app, then submit an assisted support ticket for further help through the following link:


Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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Thanks for your RAM idea 
but it is nothing to do with that as I have ran the 8GB RAM which process closed except the power apps still the issue persist. There is a screen in my app named scrReviewScreen whenever i'm selecting the screen or any control on that screen,

the browser froze and there are 11 screens in my app only this screen is causing an issue and there are not so many controls in this screen compared to other screen
As I've raised a ticket with Microsoft support and they have came back with the old version(3.19111.33)  link of power apps studio to edit and the publish the app. It seems work OK. it seems clearly the version issue. Here are few questions from my side, as it will be helpful for me in the future.
1) How can we make sure the new updates will not break this? As we have already seen the screen was getting froze in these version (3.19112.26 and 3.19112.24)?

Hi @abdul605 ,

Based on the issue that you mentioned, I think this issue is related to PowerApps version.


In default, the new released PowerApps version would be compatible with the old version. I would post this issue to my product team, if this issue is fixed, I would reply here.


You could also consider submit an assisted support ticket for further help through the following link:


Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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This is happening all over the world. I posted comments from my own experience on another thread a while ago already:


I don't see the point in every organization experiencing this issue each logging their own support tickets. In addition the PowerApps release numbers shared by @abdul605 , I've been experiencing issues on all of the following release numbers.

  • 3.19111.33
  • 3.19111.28
  • 3.19062.20


A couple of weeks ago Imade a simple modification on one screen in my (added a tooltip to one field) (Monday 18 November). There was absolutely no performance related issues back then. Using SPO data source connections.


Since then I can't even get to that screen again in Edit mode. Cleared the web browser cached, tried on other laptops in both Chrome and Edge. Restored a version of the app from June. Even with that restored version I still cannot get to the same screen I was able to a few weeks ago. I've testing this on a highly speced MacBook and an equally highly speced laptop running Windows. It can't suddenly be a memory issue. With the restored version users can at least now get back to the screen in runtime mode that I can't get to in design no matter what version of the app I restore back to.


All open tabs related to PowerApps in my (Chrome) web browser become totally unresponsive and can nothing other then close those tabs before I can get back to even the primary PowerApps page with the links to all the apps in the environment. I had all sorts of issues yesterday, as evidently so did many others. 


I even tried remove every single SPO data source connection to the app, and I still can't get to that screen. 

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