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[Bug] - [Button] - Changing text doesn't update the button when clicked on certain position

Hi Powerapps community


This post it's purpose will be to demonstrate a bug that I have been encountering and I want to show this to everyone hoping MS will fix it. Also a little documentation for myself if I ever want to do actions pending on button text.


First here is the gif:

<Ow wait you can't post any pictures / videos apparently....>

<uploads GIF little more angry>


In the picture above you can see the issue. When clicking in the middle of the button, the text is not changing. But when clicking just outside of the box showing when you click, the text is changing.


The code to reproduce this issue is the following:


If(btnPermissions.Text = "View Permissions",UpdateContext({PermissionButtonText:"Hide Permissions"}),UpdateContext({PermissionButtonText:"View Permissions"}))

If the button is clicked upon, and the text is "View Permissions", change the context to "Hide Permissions". Else switch it back to "View permissions"



If(IsBlank(DataTableAllUsersPendingApproval.Selected.Id),"No Action",PermissionButtonText)

If table selected data is blank, set the text to "No Action", else set the text to the context PermissionButtonText




If table selected data is blank, set the displaymode to "Disabled", else set the displaymode to "Edit" aka make the button clickable


The use case itself is pretty straightforward:

If nothing in my table is selected, I want the button to present "NO ACTION" and to be disabled --> works fine

If something IS selected, I want the button to become dynamic, which will be done because it is reading the PermissionButtonText context. When a selectection happens, I make sure to set the context PermissionButtonText to "View Permissions". The displaymode property checks if "what text" is displayed and will change the behaviour of the button.



When the button becomes enabled by setting it to the text "View Permissions", and the button is clicked on, the text DOES NOT CHANGE VISSUALLY but it DOES CHANGE INTERNALLY.


What I mean by this is that the context variable changes the value just fine and anything scanning and relying on the change happens correctly, but the visual update of the Powerapp button does not occur.



As you can see in the GIF I uploaded above, you can see if you just hit the outside of the hitbox exactly the text does change. just fine.



Do you have anything in front of the button?



If you scan on the change of the Context you created, is that working?

Yes. The update just doesn't happen visually, unless the workaround is provided


Did you find it hard to find this community?

Actually I did, I first found the other community page and after 10 minutes of looking around I found this page. It would be so much better to integrate a "Feedback" function in one of the tabs. This would have made it a lot easier for me to write this article.


Would you like to post videos / pictures / gifs in case you log an issue?

Off course, how am I otherwise going to give proof?


What are your keyboard settings?

I tried the following settings:

Dutch (Belgian) - Belgian (Period) Keyboard

English (Belgian) - Belgian (Period) Keyboard

English (United States) - US Keyboard

A lot of Issue I had were related that my keyboard was set in Belgian. Switching to an american keyboard and rebooting my PC mostly solved it, but this issue is not a quitter.


Can I ask you any other questions?

Sure, just post them below and I'll add them in the Q&A.


Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi Julio, 


Thanks for reporting this!  I can confirm this is a bug in Studio only.  It will not manifest in Player apps (Web, Android, iOS).


The bug is being tracked and a fix is in the works.






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