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Resolver III
Resolver III

Bug: Gallery doesnt refresh anymore?

I have a gallery and clicking an item takes you to another screen. I use Patch() for new entries, and EditForm for editing. Once edited /added, I navigate back to the other screen with the gallery.


Only recently have I had complaints that the gallery does not auto refresh anymore and people need to pick another date (to update the gallery and then go back to the correct date), or refresh. This was not the case before.

I then tried to remedy it by setting the OnVisible property to Refresh(<Source>) and even now I am getting complaints it does not refresh, but it seems to when I use Edit mode, but not the Live version.


Is this something others are experiencing?


Edit: From testing, I think it is the gallery itself not updating, not the source.

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Can anyone help or not?

Helper II
Helper II


May I know that this post has been solved?

I face the same problem too when I try to create a tab form app.



Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

As far as I am aware, this has yet to be solved.

I ended up changing the way my app worked instead.


Can you share about yours?

I don't know of the explanation for this, but there is a quirky workaround, at least here.

We have an app that uses a flow to submit an image to a library, but the gallery wasn't refreshing afterwards.

So, we added a timer to trigger following that upload.

The timer waits a couple seconds and then patches the record of a dummy file in the library (updating, in this case, merely the description; it doesn't matter what you change). This file is not part of the gallery; it's used only for this workaround, but it is in the same library as is used for the gallery.

And that's it, the gallery refreshes at that point.


Helper II
Helper II

For me, the gallery's item must use the data source name. Then you use the code below :




You will get the refresh.



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Any news on fixing this bug? My gallery is not updating either, and I also have a Countif formula that counts items on my SharePoint list based on the value of a field, and it is not updating either. But the items in the SharePoint list are updated and the Edit Form is updated also...


I tried Refresh on the Gallery. I have not tried the dummy record solution.


Thanks for any help.

Can you share your code?



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I just used Refresh(List) at the beginning of OnSelect in the Gallery and then in the Text. I tried to put it at the beginning of the Items statement, but it says I can't (non-behavior property). Anywhere else I should add the Refresh(List) to? 


For the Countif, I used the following formula:

And('Requester''s Supervisor'.Email = VarUser.mail,'Request Status'.Value = "Pending Requester's Supervisor Approval"),
And('Team Lead'.Email= VarUser.mail, 'Request Status'.Value = "New Request"),
And('Team Contact'.Email = VarUser.mail,'Request Status'.Value = "Under Investigation"),
And(VarUser.mail in 'Additional Reviewers'.Email,Or('Request Status'.Value = "New Request",'Request Status'.Value = "Under Investigation")),
And(VarUser.mail in 'EDE Approvers'.Email,'Request Status'.Value = "Pending Approval")))


Neither seem to update unless I go back and edit the item again in the form, then save it again. I checked the background SharePoint List and it is up to date before I do all this, so don't know what's happening.





If it is Sharepoint List,then I think it will trigger a delegation error.

Therefore your refresh can not work properly. This is due to too many condition in your script.



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