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Advocate II
Advocate II

Bug Report: Powerapps not enforcing required fields.

I've noticed something annoying with my edit forms. Even though I have a data card's requred property set to true, the form still allows the submition of blank information in that card's upload property, and then blank fields end up in my data source.


This is happenig on several different edit forms, and when using both exel tables and share point lists as data sources.

Kudo Collector
Kudo Collector

Has this been fixed?  I have this isse with date picker fields that are required in Powerapps but not required in the SharePoint list.  If I require them in the Sharepoint list settings then something even worse happens, I get an error that something is required but it also clears our all the fields in the entire form that have been enterd.  This is bad because users do not notice they missed something until they click the submit Check mark in upper right corner and then all the data is gone.  

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I also have the same experience as sscarcella and the others (fields that are required in Powerapps but not required in the SharePoint list). Could you please advise if this bug has been fixed or is being worked on?


Thanks in advance


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Hi, All:


I'm having the same issues and no combination of required fields in either the SharePoint list nor the PowerApp form seems to work - the form can still be submitted with blank fields.

I've resorted to starting with a message to users saying that their request will be delayed if admins have to follow up due to missing info, but I really hope there's a fix (and not just another workaround) for this.


-> Miguel

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An idea for a potential workaround:


What if we write a formula that checks whether any of the fields have been left blank (of course that only works with fields using data entry through text input or other controls)?

I was just reading about IF functions and one of the examples shows the usage of the 'IsBlank' conditon. Perhaps we could add a formula to the 'next button' (whatever they click to proceed to another sheet) and add a function to check if any fields were left blank, and if so, to show a popup message (e.g. "You did not respond to all questions") and to block navigation until none of the fields is left blank!


This is just an idea, I currently wouldn't know how to write such a formula. But maybe someone out there is a formula expert and can help? 🙂







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This issue also just sprung up for my application. It was working flawlessly earlier today on the web version. After testing out a few changes I implemented to the registration form on my iPhone, I noticed that I was able to submit blank forms and I wasn't prompted by the "required fields missing message."



After this happened, I immediately jumped on the web version and tried to submit the blank form. The web version would now also submit blank registration forms.


Based on the work around provided earlier in the thread, I set the required fields to false. After reopening the app, I set the required fields to true and it seemed to resolve the issue, at least on the web version.


After downloading the update on my iPhone and reopening the app, I once again was able to submit blank forms.

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Having the same issue.


The fields are marked as required in the SharePoint list and in the PowerApp and users are still able to complete the form without the required fields, however instead of prompting the user to fill in the fields, the form just closes and is never submitted. 


Anyone found a resolution to this?



I just developed my form based on Excel and it lets me submit without completing any of the fields. 

We don't support required fields for static data like excel tables.


In order for that to work, you need to use a connected data source like sharepoint.



Hi Felix,


Just to clarify then, do fields need to be set to Required in Sharepoint List AND within Powerapps to work properly?


Thank you

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