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Bug: Windows PowerApp Player - Cannot use offline mode

The PowerApp Player for Windows (from the Windows Microsoft Store) supports the SaveData and LoadData commands for offline use of Apps. However, if you download an App then later start the PowerApp Player while offline, no Apps are shown. So it is effectively impossible to use a PowerApp while offline when using a Windows device.

It seems that if you start an App while online, then go offline, it will work (assuming it is 'enabled' of offline usage) so the issue simply seems to be that downloaded Apps are not correctly appearing on the list of Apps to choose from when starting the Player while offline.

We have a need to run PowerApps offline on existing Windows hardware (so moving to Android/iOS, where offline mode works fine) is not an option.

Is this a bug that the Micorosoft team are aware of? Is it being worked on and is there an estimate for resolution?




Could you please use version 3.18054.28 from the store and let us know if you see any issues with loading the app list when launching PowerApps while offline?  Thank you!

Did you open a ticket for the Android version?  I noticed that my list of apps there is not showing until I run it once online.  As well after a period of time it goes away.  Would like to go follow the other thread if you did open one.




Another thread would work better, so other people who may be experiencing the same issue could add comments and see when the issue is solved.


But, just to give you a short answer, when you go offline the app list should only show the apps that were already opened in that device indeed.

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@Chris I tried launching the Windows 10 app (3.18054.29) while offline today and it did indeed show the list of apps as expected (and I could even launch some recently opened apps). Thanks again for all the work towards getting this functional as well as the communication on the progress. It is greatly appreciated!

Ok and that does makes sense so not to worried about that.  Was more worried about it when reading this thread since they were talking about it going away after a period of time.  I will see if I can find that other thread as well.  Keep up the great work and improvements.

Happy to hear this is now working for you all! 🙂

Can you please mark this as solved, so other people are aware?

@claudiosvcc I think this already has one solution but I will add @Chris's recent post as a solution as well. For the record, this addresses one aspect of offline functionality but not all aspects. While I am able to launch apps that I have recently launched online (seems to be less than 24 hours from my previous testing but I haven't re-tested this recently), apps that haven't been launched online recently will throw an error when trying to launch them offline. This seems to be the same across all platforms (Win10, Android, and iOS).


Should I start another thread for this issue?

Ideally should be in another thread. Especially if it's not platform specific, given this one clearly states on windows version. It will help other people to find it and follow up and comment as well.



Roger that! I'll start a new thread. Thank you!

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Have you started it yet? Cant find it

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