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Bug in PowerApps where published version is loaded in editor instead of latest development version

This is a big BUG in PowerApps, which almost gave me heart attack.


What happened:

I was developing all morning on the web client, saving as I go. After lunch, I come back to open PowerApps and it loads an old version and I freak out thinking that all the progress I made was lost. After some time trying to figure out what has happened I realize that the version which loaded in Web Editor is the version which is published and not the latest version of PowerApps which I am still developing.




However, in the versions menu I cannot click restore to the latest version (which is 129, and I know it is the correct version since the date it says is saved was when I made the last save). click to Restore on version 128, it creates version 130, I go back in the Web Editor to the app and thank god it is the version which I was developing today and is missing just few modifications which I made between version 128 and 129. I go back to the version control and click to restore 129 and it creates the version 131. I go to check in the editor and it is the latest version and all my modifications are there.  




In the end, everything is good but that caused a moment of terror for me as I thought I lost everything. Some people might not notice this and lose a lot of progress.


What I think happened:

Between my last save and opening PowerApps again, my coworker went in to do some tests on the published version. My coworker only has “Can Use” access. After the tests were done it every time I try to open PowerApps the Published version loads into editor instead of the latest development version. The only way to make the latest version load is to Restore one older version and then restore the latest version. I have not tried to Publish the latest version and seeing what happens. Maybe my coworker entering the Published version crashed something on PowerApps side making it always load the Published version into editor and not the latest?


My Session ID:



I cannot recreate this issue but I think PA team should be on a look out as this one seems to be serious.

@v-micsh-msft @v-yamao-msft


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As a side note, between Desktop Studio and Web Studio and the various 'UIs', I find it somewhat confusing as to just what version you are opening.
Advocate II
Advocate II

The same thing happened to me, huge bug

It's not letting me restore the version that I want. When I restore it, it's rolling back to an even older version. I just lost a full day's progress..

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous,


As long as you made sure that you have saved your apps after editing:



This should automatically publish the changes for yourself and anyone else who has permissions to edit the app. Users who only have the "Can use" permission will only see the changes after you publish them:


Even though I cannot reproduce your issue, I will try to report your issue to the pg. I will notice here if they got further information.


Sorry for the inconvenience.




Community Support Team _ Mona Li
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Today I got the same bug and it is very frustrating.


What Happened:

I have this app I have not touched since October 12th when I published it.


On October 20th, I opened it up in Web Editor and started to do some modifications, did them and saved.

On October 23rd, I opened it again did my modifications and saved.


Today I opened the App and right away started doing modification to some other screens, after finishing I saved. After, I go to test and realize that all modifications made on October 20th or October 23rd are NOT there. Right away I realize that this bug happened again.


What happened is that the Web Editor loaded the published version of the app to edit not the latest saved!


I had to decide if I want to keep the changes I did today and redo all changes done on October 20th and 23rd or throw away all changes did today and reload the version that had October 20th and 23rd changes. Because I did a lot more in those days than today I decided to throw away changes done today in order to save all my work from October 20th and 23rd.



Here is a screenshot to understand what happened:



Here is my painting to explain what happened:




I am not able to reproduce this bug but I think that it is major major bug that need PA engineers looking at this.


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Yes I have experienced this BUG several times. Fortunately, I have caught it immediately.

I have a text box at the top of the main screen (below Search).  I have my versioon number the ... eg  c20171024.0935 (basically a date/time stamp.  I check this right away. If not what I am expecting, I realze I have loaded the WRONG version.

It seems VERY confusing as to what is the best 'entry point' for apps you are working on ....


So let me emphasize that there IS a bug here somewhere, but difficult to reproduce consistently 😞

Hello - is this issue resolved?  I am experiencing this problem as well and cannot seem to get the latest rev or a previous rev back into the editor.  I wasted about four hours worth of work using this app thinking I can get some business process working faster.  

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