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Bug in Toggle Control for Model Driven Apps when locking/unlocking using Business Rules


I've encountered a bug with the Toggle-control in Model Driven Apps. The bug is not present in the Flip Switch control, but this control is set to be deprecated in April 2021.

I have the following Setup:

There is a Custom Entity with two Yes/No fields. Both are required. I have applied the Toggle Control as Component.

A business rule is used to apply some logic to these fields. If Field 1 is set to Yes, then Field 2 is set to Yes too and locked. If Field 1 is set to No, Field 2's value is not changed, but it is unlocked.

What does not work:
If Field 1 is switched, Field 2 does not get locked or unlocked. Refreshing the screen sets the Field 2 control as locked or unlocked based on the current value of Field 1. But changing Field 1 while the controls display does not update the locked status of Field 2.

I have verified that the Business Rule works, because if I choose no component or the Flip Switch component then the field does get locked/unlocked at the correct moment.

I hope this bug gets fixed soon. For now I use the Flip swich control, but this is only a solution till April.



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We would like to note that when we make a test on our side and setup the underlying columns exactly as you describe, even with the two form fields referencing the columns and set as Flip Switch, Toggle, and no Component on the form, we cannot reproduce the issue on any of the three, not even if the Toggle itself is used - even then it is still working correct on our end.


You can check here:




TGToggle1 and TGToggle 2 are both Toggles with the Component added:





Here is our Business Rule setup:




Instead of the bug you describe, we got it to work under the requirements you described, including for the Flip Switch, the Toggle, and for the plain naked fields - we have all of them referencing the columns, and the Business Rule is working for all 3 types, even simultaneously on the same form.


Please double check it. Make sure also you are on latest version of Chrome or Edge. As of 12-20-2020, the latest version of Chrome is 87.0.4280.88 (release date 12-03-2020) and for Edge it is 87.0.664.66 (release date 12-18-2020). Please also try and make sure the Business Rule is fully activated. As a troubleshooting step, also make sure deactivate the rule, then, make sure the scope is set to Entity and then reactivate - after that, change it to just the form and see if it still works.


If above does not work, we are unsure why you experience the issue, we cannot reproduce it on our side. Please try to double check it and if you still experience the issue, please give some more details.

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Actually when we check more carefully, maybe we can reproduce it. There is illusion it is locked, but it is not really locked, only for Toggle in particular.





You are right, there may be something about this.

We cannot confirm if it is a bug or if it is expected behavior for this type of control.

Thank you for your quick reply. I'm using FireFox myself. I have tested in on the latest Edge (checked if there were updates) and the issue occurs there as well. I've deactivated and activated the Rule, but that also did not help.


Here my screen capture of the issue:

issue toggle control.gif


And here it is working when using to the Flip Switch:

issue toggle control 2.gif



Looks like the same behavior you describe in the second post.

Hi@poweractivate Do you have any new information on this topic.

I see that this control is now the preferred control and the old control will soon no longer available

Would be nice if this gets fixed before it the old controls are becoming unavailable.



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