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Bug in Version 3.21123.25 ?

Hi All,

This has just happened on a large production app - when saved in 3.21123.25, the banner below comes up in the opening screen as soon as the app is opened on an iPad.


A heap of testing done this morning by myself and @Anonymous (we work together) and concluding the following: -

  • It only happens to one (very large and critical) app
  • The app works perfectly under 3.21115.37
  • Whether there are changes of not, resaving under 3.21123.25 triggers this error.
  • PowerApps will not let me revert the authoring version - it only offers 3.21123.25 in the drop-down.
  • We have two environments and it happens in both
  • I have exported a package and re-imported - same result.
  • There are only two Or() statements in App OnStart and commenting them out makes no difference

Other than a bug (which it might be), has anyone else seen this ?




I have now reached to one of the Super User group coordinators and asked for some response from MS here.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Any updates on fixing these issues?

Advocate I
Advocate I

Looks like the some of the issues have been identified. I got a reply in another post.

Power Apps
Power Apps

This thread is talking about two different issues:

  • The "Internal error in the XXX function: Canceled" message that was appearing for some apps
    • This has been fixed in the version 3.22014, which has already been deployed to all regions
  • Issues with nested galleries
    • This was fixed in the version 3.22022. This version is currently in the preview/first release region, and it will start deployment to all the regions starting this week.

Thanks For clarifying.
Hope this issue was also addressed.

(I'm also experiencing PowerApps studio failure behaviors with the new versions, where the PowerApps studio will just become all grayed out blank screen and nothing to do at all but restarting the session. Another behavior is that the studio will get stuck on the play mode and fail to go back to edit mode when clicking on the x icon, F5 or Esc.

Also the visible behavior of a form's Data cards, that are depending on variables, fails by not responding to the variable's true or false value.

Same goes for HTML Labels that are displaying values for variables of a record.)

yes, 1000 apologies for not replying earlier. I have a ticket in with MSoft and part of that was to send them my app - we had a session late last week where they told me about the upcoming fix. I am going to hold on until that comes out and see......luckily my app is published and working until then.

Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi all,
For anyone experiencing nested gallery issues that is causing an error or instability in Studio, version 3.22022 should now be available, depending on your region, either directly or via the version selector in Settings -> Support:


You will need to edit, save, and republish your affected app(s) for the fix to take effect.


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