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Resolver I

Bug on one of the most recent versions of Mobile APP? ( 3.22022.23) Mobile cache extremly slow to load.



I have an APP that loads 4 tables from the users mobile cache into collections on start-up. It's  data that does not chnage very often so it reduces slow calls to the SQL server for the data. In the APP I clear the collection and use the LOAD function to load in the mobile cache. If there is any change to the data by the user it updates the SQL server and will also update the local cache, meaning everything is kept up-to-date.

Its about 4 tables with 100 records in each, no images or anything that might impact slow performace. Just text.

Previous to the most recent versions of the mobile APP this loaded in 2-3 seconds, mobile cache is pushed into collections quick quickly and this is great for mobile APP performace and reducing calls to SQL server for mobile users who may not have great reception.


Since the most recent versions of the mobile APP this was very quick, now it takes 30 seconds or even longer. The data it is loading has not changed and I have a copy of the APP on an older version of the Mobile APP that still loads quickly ( 3.21115.37 from around January 2022).


I've created a new fresh APP that just does this cache loading, so that I could isolate if my conclusion is corerct, so a bare bones version of the APP , and this also takes the 30 seconds or more, so I beleive this backs up the siuation.


I cannot see this as a known issue?





Super User
Super User

Hi @bkeano ,
To increase the performance, I will suggest using the load to the collection whenever there is a data change and using the collections to display the records.
Ideally, collections being a local to powerapps instance displays the records mush faster than, each time you you request the data from SQL.

So suggesting to use collections with required set of data.
Update the records to sql once all the changes made and read the records at once.

Please give me a Thumbs up if I answered your question and mark it as a solution to help others.



Resolver I
Resolver I

Hi @Abhilash_Swain 

Thanks for you reply. I am using collections to display the data , and the reaosn you mention above are why I am using them.

The issue only hapens for mobile APP users, when the phone cache loads back into the collections (using LOAD function) when they start the APP it takes about 30 seconds. This just started to happened on most recent version of the mobile APP, proeviously it tooks 2-3 seconds.

I load from cache on start-up as collections are cleared when the mobile APP is closed and they are very quick ( at least they were). This way users don't have to  query the SQL connection on start -up, as this can take time especially if they are  in remote locations. So it's a kind off offline capability.




@bkeano , Apology for misinterpreting your concern. Need to check on this. 

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