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Bug : reusable components


Yet another hurdle in my love-hate relationship with reusable components I'd like to report. The whole app is very simple, so it's a good use-case for debugging.

So I made this simple app which imports an Office 365 group and dispatches it randomly into different buckets for online social meetings. The goal is to help setup informal online coffees together in the morning during the quarentine in France.

  • The app uses a timer and randomly assigns a group to a person every 0.5s.
  • The groups uses a reusable component with a table as input which has an image an a trigram column

Annotation 2020-03-18 133239.png

The reusable compnents are identically set (.msapp available on demand). It works fine on 2 of them, and 3 of them take the wrong info (which happen to be the component's first param, if that helps) instead... 0_o

Can anyone help ?

Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi, I'd love to take a look. Would you mind sending me the .msapp file? You can message me with the file if that's the easiest. Thanks!

There you go @yfw .
Just change the Group ID variable at the begining of App.OnStart and the rest should work. I've designed the layout to work well with 30ish members to the group in mind.

Feel free to ask questions if need be.

Thanks for the help ! 🙂

I'm still unsure the cause. But I was able to see the names of the three error component instances by creating another instance and configure the instances the same way. I attached a screenshot, the bottom ones are newly inserted with the same input.


It could be copying and pasting causing it. Did you copy and paste the instances instead of inserting a new instance? If we find the cause, I will file the bug to eliminate from happening. : )



There is definitely a Power Apps bug here, but I don't yet know exactly where.

Looking at the content inside the app's document, I can see that the three component instances that are showing the incorrect field (Latte, Cappuccino, and Americano) have some internal state that is out-of-sync with the corresponding state in the component definition. In the other two instances (Esspresso and Mocha), that internal state is consistent with the component definition.

My current working theory is that the Membres property in your component definition was edited in some way, sometime after the three problematic component instances were created. But the correctly-behaving instances were created after the definition was changed.

As @yfw also found, creating new instances of the component, and setting up their input properties the same as the old ones, seems to fix the problem. Please try to use this as a workaround. Meantime, we will investigate and try to fix the underlying bug.

Thanks @yfw , @johnels !

Yeah, I tend to copy/paste stuff around, that might be the source. If it's a known issue, maybe consider disabling the copy/paste behaviour until the bug is fixed ? It tends to be compulsive in my case ^^.

I'll re-add the components to fix the issue in this one app. Keep us posted on the fix! 🙂

Cheers !

FYI : re-adding them one by one seem to have done the trick... after publishing ! At design time, the app was completly out of whack >.<

Save, publish, reopen and it seemed to be doing much better.

Running into corners of the experience is definitely not the goal. So sorry for the inconvenience. We will try our best to fix the experience. Hopefully to bring more love and ease any inconvenience.  😉  

It's a killer feature, we'll be patient ! Glad we can help debug it

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