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Bug with gallery and group?



Seems that the focus for item number 2 and downward within the gallery is lost, if you create a group of labels/icons withing the first item/template.

I added 2 labels and an icon, segmented to be visible only at a specific value, usually hidden.

I made sure that they where reordered to the back of gallery/template.

The original labels and text where forwarded at the front, here I added an icon to perform an on select action.

Everything working so far.


I then grouped together the part that should stay hidden. (a couple of labels and an icon).

Made sure that the group was at the back, and that it had the same visible check as the items inside the group.


And then for some reason, only the first item would react on hover and click for that "on-select" icon.
That icon still at the front for that gallery/template.

Ungrouped the "hidden" items, and the focus was back. The on-select icon worked again.

For the sake of troubleshooting I had 2 hidden groups in that gallery.
Also the gallery/template itself had an on select action that was only working without the groups.

Community Champion
Community Champion

If I understand correctly:

  • You have 2 labels and an icon inside of a gallery
  • These items are hidden most of the time, but are visible with an OnSelect action
  • You grouped together items and sent them to the back
  • Problem: Now when you execute the OnSelect action to show the items, only the first one is showing up

I will attempt to replicate this issue. In the mean time, I have some questions and I would like to suggest some best practices.



  • Can you share the formulas you use for showing/hiding?
  • Can you share a screenshot of the order of your controls as they appear in the lefthand menu?
  • You mentioned you had included a second group for troubleshooting--can you share your steps for that test and how it turned out?
  • You mentioned the gallery template has a global OnSelect action. Can you clarify where else the OnSelect actions are stored?


Best Practices

  • If you have the same OnSelect action in multiple places, you might want to try the Select() function. Other controls can excecute the actions from the control you specify in the Select() function.
  • I would decide one location for your OnSelect actions so that they do not conflict: 
    Either place your actions at the gallery template level, or residing in a control.
    If you want one control to execute the actions, but you also have other controls that you want to do the same actions, use Select(main_control) in other controls to copy its actions.
  • I prefer to set the visibility property of controls to the visibility of one control. When the one is visible, the others will be as well. This circumvents the need to use a group--especially if it's just 3 controls. Groups would be more useful for a larger amount of controls.

    Ex. I have these controls: Label1, icon1, icon2
    I set icon1.Visible and icon2.Visible to Label1.Visible

    When Label1 is visible, so are the icons.

Please let me know what you end up doing.


Mr. Dang


Microsoft Employee

Thanks for your response, you almost got it.


When I do the onselect/check for item value to display the grouped labels/icon they are visible. But its not possible to click them.

So they trigger on what I want (they are visible), but its not possible to click them. Seems disabled/like something is in the front of the group. They don't respond to "hover" change color either.


If I ungroup them, I can interact/click them as I should.


Notice that the first item in the gallery is working as expected all the time, its just the second item and downwards thats not working.


When its like this I cannot click "icon3_2" for item/element 2 and downwards, when its visible in the gallery.



When its like this (ungrouped) I am able to click "icon3_2" for item/element 2 and downwards, when its visible in the gallery.

Grouping should not have any effect on the app when opened by other users. This could be a bug with grouping in Studio. 


Have you tried saving and publishing the app, and then "playing" it from

I have not had time to look into this again, but 99% sure that it behaved the same outside the studio as well.
I just ungrouped it to get the app working.

This was meant as a notification to your PowerApps team, as this could be a bug.

We have released a new version of the gallery. Try it out and let us know if you still experience any problems.

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