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Build a File Upload App

Hey Guys, 
i want to build an App that makes it possible to upload varies data (pdfs, videos, pictures, xlsx, wordx etc.) to a SharePoint List or a Document Library.

I have the following problems: 
- I'm not able to upload a Video via iPhone/iOS as an List item attachment (for Android it works)
- I'm not able to upload a file bigger than 100MB (Which is a pain in the a** because we have lots of videos)
- I'm not able to Upload a file directly into a library, which i worked around with a flow that copies the new attachments of the list item directly into the library (any better solution for this??)


As my company has to do a lot of video and photo documentation it would be lovely to build a simple media upload app, but with the before named restrictions i could not find a good way...:-(

Any ideas?


Is there a specific reason this has to be in SharePoint? There is a preview feature available for CDS to support Files.

Thanks for your reply!!
It doesn't have to be in SharePoint, but if I understood it correctly, the maximum file size is also limited to 128 MB in CDS.
Or have I understood it wrong? Since we have lots of Videos, which are larger than 128MB this could be a problem..




  1. We think your scenario may require advanced development as it may go beyond the  "out of the box" capabilities of PowerApps and Power Platform if you have such large video files. It may even need to go as far as to break up the file into a set of smaller streamed binary parts, store as such, and then reconstitute the stream by reconstituting the parts as a stream. This is also not possible out of the box and may even need to go as far as to use the PowerApps Component Framework to create a custom component for this. There also may be a lot that will go into this, depending on further details of your specific scenario.
  2. Let's wait and see if you can get insight from others here first.  
  3. You should prefer easy, already existing out of the box way - the above should be a last resort. 
  4. It depends on your scenario, it is likely something we could build using PowerApps - even if ordinarily it may be considered unsupported, we may be able to build something like this for your case.
  5. However, the scenario is super-specific - we were thinking during spare time, maybe this kind of pattern could even be released by us as a free Community App Sample on these forums so that others could benefit from this as well. However, we are unsure this scenario isn't too complex for such a sample. Also, we do not know if we have so much spare time to even address this particular complex scenario to begin with in the context of a forum response.
  6. Your requirement is very interesting by the way.
  7. We recommend we check and see if you get other replies here - you should only resort to the above, as a last resort. Let's see if someone here may have some insight or approach we didn't think of for your scenario.

You are correct there is currently a 128 MB limit to files sizes.

Hey @poweractivate,

Thank you for your detailed answer. I think I've got the issue...
So we'll have to decide on a different tool first, which makes me pretty sad, since we already use PowerApps for time tracking, fleet management, and parts management...
It would be great to integrate this feature into PowerApps because we already have another use case for it:
Since our company is in the construction industry, we have an industry solution for our equipment management that is quite rigid and has no interfaces to other systems. We want to change that by building such a tool with PowerApps. In this tool too, the ability to carry out photo and video documentation would be essential. Photos, especially to document the condition of a tool, and videos for introductory videos, since we have some complicated machines that require some advanced knowledge.
Even though we are only a small company with about 90 employees, we and certainly other members of the community would be very happy about the possibility of a more extensive collection and storage of photo and video material.

Kind regards 🙂 

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