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Build app with many MS forms in one app



Earlier we have used for various forms and have used jotform app ( to get all the forms in one app instead of sharing different links for each app. This has worked for us very good and for long time.


On free plan there is a limitation of maximum 4 forms and we have more then that now. Since we have office365 E4 subscription and business premium and also availability of MS form we thought it might be a good idea to move over.  Unfortunately we do not have any advanced knowledge for building the app on Power Automate. I just wished it might have been easy as jotform.


I am wondering if there is still a way to get all the forms gathered in one and that as an app? If yes is there any simple solution for that? Some forms will have Approval and some will be have SharePoint connected for easy summery and data conversion to excel.


Please let me know how this can be simplified. Also wondering if it can be attached to Teams as well for easy access.


Thank You in advance! 


Hi @itsak14 ,

Firstly, I'm not that familiar with jotform, but I think it's safe to say there will always be a learning curve to a new platform - whether you're learning jotform, MS Forms, PowerApps or SharePoint for the first time. 


I very much doubt there is much you cannot do with M365 and the Power Platform to gain parity with your jotform experience - and you'd probably get a bit extra out the box that makes leveraging your existing investment a far better option - but I'm also fairly certain there is no 'easy' or 'simplified' way to do it without learning something about the MS tools you will use. 


Certainly no easy 'export/import' function from jotform to Office - but certainly not a mammoth task to convert a jotform form to an MSForm or Power App, or a jotform approval to a Power Automate approval, or even a jotform table to a SharePoint list.  (You can export an excel table to create a SharePoint list for example, so migrating data from jotform to SPO should be easier with this than recreating everything).


And yes, you can certainly create an app that lists multiple MS forms that users can run from there, or embed either forms, pages or apps in Teams. 

There will likely be a few ways to achieve what you want for each app - but no silver buttons unfortunately.


Kind regards,


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