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Building In/Out tracker and fire register

Hi all


I'm building an app to operate as a signing in/out system for my building and a fire register.

Data entry will be via barcode. (I've got this pretty much sorted, writing to a sharepoint list)


It is getting data from the list to the app and being able to interact with it that I would like help with.

My idea is that there is a screen which can be accessed by the fire marshals which lists all of the people who are marked as 'In' the building on the sharepoint list. (This I believe is a gallery showing a filtered list).

Additionally, I want the fire marshals to be able to check off the people during the roll call (so this would update their status to be 'out'. -This bit I think is a form.


How could I build a screen which has a list of people and a way of interacting? (tap on their name and they change colour etc or there is a check box next to their name)


Thank you!






I was wondering if you ever completed this and if you would be happy to the app, so that I can use it for my organisation.





Hi. I did complete it and we've been using it successfully for a while. I'm absolutely happy to share the code, but I'm not sure of the best way to remove the links to our sharepoint sites etc without ruining the code (can I just find+replace the sharepoint URLS to some placeholder?)





Thanks so much for getting back to me. Find and replace would be fine if you can just let me know the placeholder you use.


Thanks again,



I've removed the logo and the links. (Couldn't see a way to find/replace with place holder text so the app has 'broken' functions currently).


Functions: Team members scan a QR code to sign in/out (The QR code contains only their name)

Manual entries can also be made using the app


FIre marshals: In the event of a fire, the marshals can bring up a list of who is in the building. People can be ticked off during roll call and a button can temporarily hide them from view to make it easier to see who hasn't been ticked off. (THIS DOES NOT PERMANENTLY AFFECT  THE DATA IN SHAREPOINT). THis can be reset to the status before the fire drill occurred. -so team members do not have to scan in again


The app can also show the time someone stamped in/out on this day.

The sharepoint can be interrogated for historic data


Requires 3x Sharepoint lists


"Timestamper" -collects the QR/manual entered data +time of recording (Note: we found a time zone issue we could fix so added a calculated column to correct  to UK time)


"Firelist" prefilled with team members names. The app finds the name and updates columns related to the name 
counter -how many scans 

Status -is someone in or out ( 0=out Odd = in, Even=Out) 

The formula for this is=IF(Firemarshal="Yes","Out",IF(MOD(Counter,2)=0,"Out","In"))

Firemarshal -has a firemarshal 'ticked them off' on the fire register during a roll call' -this overrides the status and marks them as 'out'

'list' -we separate the team into two lists to speed up roll call A-L list one, M-Z list two


Archive list -takes the day's data from the timestamper and adds it to a historic list (part of the daily refresh routines)


Power automate routines to


Reset the 'counter' to zero at midnight

Cut the timestamper data and paste into archive.





Thank you so much.





Hi @JayRussell,


Thank you very much for sharing your PowerApp - it's exactly the thing I'm looking for.


I've managed to import the app and link it to our own SharePoint lists to match what you had set up (including the calculated column for In/Out).


It seems to be working for the most part, but I am struggling with the Fire List (roll call) page to display any results. I do get a filter error message on the Gallery on the Fire List page: 


Incompatible types for comparison. These types can't be compared: Text, Number


Any ideas? Cheers 🙂

(As discussed on LinkedIn but posted for the benefit of interested third parties.)


My suspicion is that the data types in the sharepoint list might be at fault.

I have now fixed this, thank you.


My data types were correct, but I missed off the "list" column. I also didn't set the list value for each entry.. set it to "1" for now.

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