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Business Solutions to digitising Large Documents with many fields



Ive been asked to make an app (digitise a word document into powerapps so it can be done offline) That has around 500 Fields. Ive separated the word document into 8 sections (Eight lists each with a unique ID) bringing each form down to around 60-120 fields (Data Cards) each. (i understand that i could run into app stability issues however i know if i make them all text fields i can get away with it 😉 )


However is there another way i should be doing this>? Does microsoft provide a better alternative, It cannot be done online as they are remote and without reception until the end of the day, the client also wants this form to take far less time than it currently does so im going to make majority of these fields toggles with the correct answers so they can tick and flick.


I know how to do this however im just not sure if its the best way and there is an alternative solutions that im not thinking of  

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I would suggest looking at Clarissa Gillingham's Infinity form - you have 500 fields, which means if you are using a form then you already have over 500 controls in the App and performance is going to tank.


Let's say you have 500 fields, a datacard is one object, a label stating the name is another object, and then the toggle you want is a third object, so if you have 500 fields you are already looking at 1500 objects within a single App in order to facilitate that.


If you use the infinity Form process you can reduce the number of controls down to a handful, however you will need to be patching that data to the source and managing the savedata loaddata process for offline accordingly.


Clarissa's tweet about the infinity form can be found here, it gives you a link to her blog with the details on how to set it up:

Clarissa Gillingham | #PowerAddict on Twitter: "#PowerAddicts, you asked for it, you waited for it, ...




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