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Button selected fill.colour remains active after release on Tablet and Mobile

Hi, I have problem with buttons in my app. PC works OK, this is only on Tablet or Mobile

When a button is pressed the button pressed fill color remains active. Shown yellow in the photo.

The problem is intermittent and if you press and and hold the button pressed for an extended period the problem doesn't occur.

The button should turn yellow briefly while actively pressing the button, then fill color dark green.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?





Hi @simdantra @Anonymous @AlexElderton @PowerAddict 


I think I've isolated the cause (although not fix!) and have posted in a separate post here :



Thanks @DerekPapworth  that is some serious time consuming investigation there. Hopefully the Powerapps team can resolve it.

I've just had a look at my Andorid System WebView under system, apps, then selecting show system apps and mine is disabled and version 68.0.3440.91. 


I'm facing this issue in my android device, can you please provide the solution ?

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Same issue!

Helper V
Helper V

Hello, I've just discovered that I've got the same issue. From the computer the buttons behave as expected but on the mobile device (Samsung Galaxy S9 Android 10 - Security Patch 01 October 2020) the issue presents itself after pressing the button after the 3rd or so times. Going back to previous screen and returning to desired screen sets the button back to normal however after pressing it again, this time only once, the issue occurs. 

Thinking we'll have to hard code the behavior for the button? In the interim, busy downloading the security patch 01 November 2020 for Android 10 to see it if it helps.

Helper V
Helper V

  • Continuing on the issue on the mobile device....
  • The security patch was installed to the latest. Opened the powerapp and it seemed to have fixed it but it occurred after the 17th time. 

  • Closed and reopened - The issue occurred on the 7th time.
  • Cleared the powerapps cache - The issue occurred on the 3rd time, etc
  • I'm calling it "holrel". Hold the button for a few milliseconds and release just under a second seems to do the trick.

As soon as the issue occurs I revert to "Holrel", hold the button for a few milliseconds and release just under a second does the trick.

Guess what I'm telling my clients..... start learning "Holrel" 😏

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