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CDS or Azure SQL for restaurants

Hello everyone,


I am new to power apps and really appreciate if someone can help me to understand the following points.


My brother has three small restaurants where a paper base ordering system is in use.  CS takes order on paper pad and passes the paper to kitchen staff for preparation.

All three restaurants are different entities. Almost 7 staff in each restaurant and roughly 60 orders a day with 250 line items.


We are looking to transform this and want to use Power apps. My questions are:


Which would be best data source to choose Azure DB/CDS or any other which is cost-effective. I have looked into Azure SQL and seems we need to pay a minimum $5 a month for each restaurant whereas in CDS there is no extra cost.


Once the Apps is developed for one restaurant how I can copy the same for other restaurants?

Can I use SQL data source for one restaurant and CDS for another restaurant by simply changing the data source or the whole app needs to be rewritten?


Many thanks for your help.


Super User III
Super User III

Both CDs and SQL will serve your purpose based on what you have described.


But I will recommend SQL. On the cost of 5$, it will not be per restaurant but the all the restaurants. Azure charges are per usage not per User or entity.


I believe all the restaurants Will have similar transaction lines. With that unless you are not familiar with writing simple queries, you could consolidate all the 7 restaurants into another Table. So from the consolidated table, you can produce all your report either in total or per restaurant.


CDS will also serve similar purpose. You stated that there's no cost for CDS. No, CDS is a premium connector unless the Powerapps you have subscribed covers the premium. Also check for the amount of them data that could be limited if you go for 10$ instead of 40$


See documentation for the limitations on the amount of Megabits for each category;


My conclusion is the two are the topmost Datasource as far as Powerapps is concerned. If you have some experience in SQl, go for SQL else CDS


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Thanks eka24,


When I stated that we needed 3 SQL DB is on the basis that each restaurant is a separate business organisation with different domains, so no consolidated report is required. The owner doesn't want to share the data ( He may sell any restaurant in the near future and other business reasons).


So technically, I need to build 3 apps for 3 different clients (With the same layout and design principles).


Is this not a case that both Azure SQL and CSD are premium connectors?


Also, can I just export the app once it is developed from one organisation to another organisation and change the data source from SQL1 to SQL2  or I will have to start from scratch.



Yes both are premium connectors. Both will be fine in this case.


I didn't get the domain bit.


You can develop the App and export it to another organization. Just ensure both organization have same talk names and columns to make it easier to import.


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