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Calculated Field use string value of collumn type Picklist

I have a calculated text field in a model driven app which should be calculated from the value of an optionset in the same entity and string literal.
I would asume the syntax would be like this: CONCAT(<optionsetfieldname>, "literal")
But i get the following error: 
You cannot set the value cr4b7_locationtype of type picklist to type string

How can I convert the optionset to a string that it can be used in the CONCAT function?

2020-12-14 14_42_17-Berechnetes Feld – Standortbezeichnung - Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Work - Microso.png
Thanks and best regards
Resolver I
Resolver I

I dont know the type picklist, but here are my thougts:

Convert something to text with Text(varToConvert)


I think you can't convert a picklist into a String (but try it anyway!), because it contains multiple records of something. Try to filter your picklist with the following:

Filter(yourPickinglist, fieldToFilterOn="valueToFilterOn")


Good Luck!



Thanks! I tried this already, but without success. It is saying "Function TEXT is not existing". 

The picklist is a "Option" and I need the value which is selected.


I think actions in calculated field are limited to the fuctions listed here: Define calculated fields | Microsoft Docs

Has anyone else any idea? Or is it just not possible? 

Try this:


This will get the choosen value of your option field.

Let me know if this worked for you (:

Thanks, but this ends in following error: "the formula contains an invalid reference:."2020-12-14 17_16_04-Berechnetes Feld – Standortbezeichnung - Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Work - Microso.png


Resolver I
Resolver I

Did you try cr4b7_locationtype.Selected.Value ?

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Yes, but same error:  "the formula contains an invalid reference:."

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With JS I would access the value of the optionset with getText(). But this function is also not known in this context

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