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Advocate II
Advocate II

Camera showing Black on all Android devices


From today on our android devices, any apps which use camera controls are showing black.

They have been working fine until today - it is also working fine on iOS.


We have tried updating devices to latest version, restarting the devices and republishing the apps, but nothing seems to work.

Please could we have some guidance on this?



Advocate II
Advocate II

I can't help with your exact issue, but I think PowerApps was updated on Android devices yesterday, as one of my devices (an older Samsung S7) stopped working with Screen Stream which I use to remotely view it.


Whatever I did I just got a black screen on the PC end - even after reinstalling PowerApps and Screen Stream.

New Member

Any updates on this issue?


Unfortunately we still have not found a direct solution for this issue.

However, we have managed to find a workaround by using the 'Add Picture' control instead.

This control uses the devices native camera application rather than the PowerApps camera. Thankfully, this shows the camera fine and means we can keep using our apps until a solution is found!

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

I am also experiencing the same issues here but only on our Samsung tablets.

Camera control Stream rate set to 100 and worked fine to collect photos to Sharepoint through a flow, but since October 14th the photos and Camera control Stream are all black. Data will still collect but the control is only taking black images on some tablets.


Our operations use Samsung Galaxy Tab E (9.6") tablets updated to 7.1.1 (Nougat) - the ram is low (1.5gb) but the Camera stream was unaffected as of October 13th. Something recently went wrong since then.

This is an image with a separate tablet running the same app that has a working camera stream compared to a tablet that is not working. Working tablet specs are slightly better - but again, the Samsung tablet was working as recently as October 13th - October 14th update seems to be responsible for issues we're facing

Capture - Copy.JPG

Community Champion
Community Champion

Does the camera control work correctly if you access the App via the web browser rather than PowerApps player? In recent months we have had lots of issues with the camera and pen input controls in the Android PowerApps Player (feels like it is fixed in one version and then reappears in the next) but the controls work fine in the web browser.

If the App works properly in the browser then that is a possible work-around (assuming you don't need SaveData and LoadData supported) and narrows down the issue to being poor quality control on the Android App player rather than some other issue.

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident



That's right - PC works fine, most likely because it's a bit beefier. Even another android tablet with slightly better specs performs better.


Unfortunately our manufacturing team only uses these Samsung tablets. Everything, including the camera stream, was working up until October 14th.  Just a strange thought that the update could affect only the Camera control and immediately render a huge swath of devices unusable.


Disregard above - misread your comment. Unfortunately we do use Save/Load data functions, so browser won't work for now. Considering swapping out the control for Add Picture control instead as @hiccup mentioned.

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HI! we have the same issue, I have a 8.1 android device and the camera control shows a black picture but is not just me also my teams partners with android OS, is there any idea of what caused this issue or even better how to fix it? Does anyone know if there is an active ticket or report of this situation?


FYI the addpicture control works fine, but is not a solution for my app.

Frequent Visitor

I have the same issue Javsan.

I have raised a ticket, and am checking the discussions every day in hope of a fix.


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Hello everyone, my name is Roy, i am 17 years old and work in an IT compagnie.


All our android devices stopt working, when we tried to take a picture in Powerapps, the camera turns black.

I have search everything, tried every solution but nothing would work. Then i took it in steps, when i reinstalled the device, it worked. When i started update apps it doenst work. So there is any issue there. Then i started update everysingle app. 1 by 1. And got by the app that let the camera stops working. 

After searching for 6 hours, i found the solution. The camera doesnt work anymore because there is an aplication that got installed by android self. It is called "android system webview" you can remove it in the playstore. After rebooting it will work fine again. 


I dont know about any other aplication will fail for removing this application. But the camera will work again.





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