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Can I not drop and add column with the same name?

Why is this broken?



ClearCollect(NextDataItems,RenameColumns(FirstN(Filter(temporary_assign_wo,Updated<>2 And !IsBlank(_SNValve)  ),Value(TextInput6.Text)),"SN_List","SN_List_Del"));




This works fine if I give the new column a different name.

I initially used DropColumns() but it resulted in the same issue.  Renaming it out of the way doesnt work either.


@WarrenBelz ,

I also have an issue with Patch() with SQL tables.  I also cannot patch from a collection into an SQL table if ANY columns in the collection do not exist in the table.  It will give the error "ColumnName Does not Exist".  Even if I'm not patching to that particular column.  It fails.  This has been a real PiTA! I have blown like 4 days on this now.  I am now going to create ANOTHER collection, specifically created those columns that are necessary to generate SN_List.  Then try to Patch() that back into table.  I'm losing my bloody mind on this.

HI @martinav ,

When you say Patch from a collection, what is the code you are using (in Text please)

Super User
Super User

Hi @martinav ,

Just checking if you got the result you were looking for on this thread. Happy to help further if not.

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Nope, I didnt. I ended up having to make a collection and doing the formulas in a separate ForAll(Collect()) nested function to get it done.  Not my preference, but its a one-off activity, so it was good enough.

Thanks for your help.

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