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Helper II
Helper II

Can someone help me replicate this "form"?

So I want to replicate this form for my company's audits, but I want to do it in Powerapps as opposed to whatever website/app creation tool this "form" was made with.  


It has some features that I do not know how to replicate exactly with powerapps.


Basically, it is a file audit quiz--i am the auditor.  


For each category/document I have the option of a drop-down to select what type of error (or I can click reviewed or N/A to skip the category altogether) and then I have a text field to write my notes.  We call this an "error".  I can make multiple errors for a single category if need be.  


When I am done, I can submit the audit sheet and then provide a report of the various audit findings to the staff member.  My issue is that if I use Excel (or any connector) to create a form that it won't really allow me to "add" additional errors to a single category (unless if I concat) and I am not sure how to export my completed audit in a single report.  I do not want to just keep all the data on a single table, I want to provide the individual staff member with their audit grades and theirs alone.


Here are some picks of this system and how it works.  I feel like it should be basic to replicate with Powerapps, but I am not sure how.


audit quiz.PNGclient page.PNG


I do not need to create a "portal" or anything fancy that will allow staff to see their scores, I am fine with just generating a simple PDF report like the table above that displays only the errors. However, I am not sure how to replicate the audit error entry model that is in the first photo.  


I have played around with galleries and forms and I cannot seem to figure out how to do what i want to do.  

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @drnemer ,


You could try repeating tables/editable gallery. Below videos are for your reference:


On your end of the scenario, since you are using Excel worksheet as data source, there would be delegation issue coming up in case of more and more data input in the table. SharePoint list is more recommended. You will be able to filter the list by staff names.


In the app, you could create 3 collections OnStart of App or OnVisible of the main screen, use them as the data source of different Galleries, patch the whole collection to the data table after editing completely.


On another App screen, you could use a Gallery to show all items in the data table, along with a TextInput as the search text or a Combo box as the search item to filter the Gallery. In the end, you could "export" all items in the filtered gallery to create a csv file via a MS Flow. Please refer to below video to learn the details:


Hope this helps.


Best regards,

Community Support Team _ Jeffer Ni
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it.

Community Support Team _ Jeffer Ni

If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it.

Thank you for your response.  I am going to try to create a Sharepoint list.  To be perfectly honest, I was only using the Excel worksheet because I didn't know what else to do.  You are right that it is a challenge with the delegation issue.


Another issue was that the table was wayyy too long and had so many columns.  And I would like to be able to filter groups of columns out depending on the type of audit.  For example, if I am auditing a regular Lease Renewal, I do not want the machine to ask me questions that are not relevant to renewing a lease.  If I am auditing a New Admission, I would like to ask additional questions pertaining to the new client that would otherwise not be asked during regular lease renewal.  


My idea was to make a drop down with an "action type" that will allow me to select either "New Admission", "Regular Recertification" "interim Recertification" and "Relocation".  with an additional checkbox for a change in family composition (someone moving into the family unit or moving out).  depending on the selections would generate different audit questions. 


There are 40+ categories (types of errors) total, and that is a lot of columns.  I wouldn't want to export a long data table with a bunch of columns that might not be relevant to the person in question. I only want to export the errors.  


If the Action type doesn't work, my other idea was to separate the types of questions into tabs.  However, I still believe if I export as a CSV that i will be creating very large "tables" that would be difficult for employees to read.  


I want the Powerapp to be simple to perform my file audits, and i want to audit results to be easy for employees to read and digest--like the second photo above.  


Perhaps if there was a button in the gallery that when i submit an "error" it would be added to a list that would then be put on a HTML text generated report.  


Does this all make sense?  

I am trying to build tabbed "pages" that will filter my gallery.


I already built the tabs based off of


This is a tabbed form tutorial in Powerapps and it appears that most of the tutorials involving tabs relate to filtering forms.  However, I am using a gallery model instead of a form because the data i am trying to enter doesn't fit neatly on a X and Y table.  Basically, multiple values.


I linked my gallery to a list and the filter is based off of "error category"  


The categories are: "Processing", "Recert Documents", "Unit", and "Households". 


My tabs are organized in a Gallery, but the items are arranged in a table: Table({ID:1, Label:"Processing"},{ID:2, Label:"Recert Docs"},{ID:3, Label:"Household"},{ID:4, Label:"Unit"},{ID:5, Label:"Error Report"})  <<< Error Report Page is for where I am saving the form instead of a spreadsheet.


Backstory: the reason I am doing this way is because i have 49 columns in my table, but if I had two prompts in my Data as you know it will get very messy.  I tried to simply just put the text box or drop down in each of the Datacards, but it was so many and it is taking too long to make sure they are laid out perfectly.


Can you help me with this?


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