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Can't read anymore ascii char 29 as input text value

Input text value is a barcode reading.
Barcode includes ASCII character #29 (CHAR GS - GROUP SEPARATOR).
And I can't read it anymore. I was able to read it in Edge previous version.
Is there any solution to read it again ?

Thanks !

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Hi, I'm having this problem as well. I have a number of apps set up to read GS1 Data Matrix (2D) codes and they all rely on being able to interpret the 'Group Separator' character (ASCII character 29). It appears as if the 'Split' function won't accept 'Char(29)' as an appropriate character to split the string by. I'm using these apps in iOS and Android. I know that a new barcode reader control was released recently but that doesn't seem to have an effect; the old Barcode Scanner control will read the Data Matrix fine, I just can't parse the string into it's constituent elements.


Edit: the splitting code is as follows:



A data table connected to the collection 'Char29Test' gives the rows the barcode should've been split into.

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I figured this out late yesterday, after my previous post. I'd noticed that a new "Barcode Reader" control had been released for preview on the 19th October and I'd wondered if there was a connection - and there was!


It appears that the current "Barcode Scanner" control no longer has the ability to output non-printing ASCII characters, like the character #29 'Group Separator' that is encoded into GS1 barcodes. The new "Barcode Reader" control has this ability, so with a little reworking of the splitting code:




...and replacement of the old "Scanner" controls with the new "Reader" controls, full functionality is restored.


I'm a little bit baffled as to why the ability for the current "Scanner" control to output non-printing characters has been depreciated whilst the new "Reader" control is still in preview mode. Is there an underlying code module that can only be pointed to one control at a time?

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