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Can't see pictures in IOS devices

Any one of you are having this issue?


My app shows all of the pictures in the web browser, but in my ipad/iphone I only can see data no pictures?


all my pictures are in *.PNG format could be this the issue?



Power Apps
Power Apps

Are the images on sharepoint lists that needs authentication? If so, we indeed have an issue that is being investigated.

Super User
Super User

Thanks for your prompt response. No. The pictures are in my one drive folder

I think somehow they are related issues. I guess on OneDrive they're requiring authentication too. I can repro the issue in that case.


In either case, can you please share more details on how are you creating & accessing the images, so I can try to repro it locally and eventually find a workaround?



Sure. I used the Asset Sample to incorporate my own data. I have shared in powr apps my app with the users


and also I have shared data.xlxs file and data_images with the users.


but the entire path is not shared just the those files, I mean in my onedrivedrive for business I have a folder


Files>PowerApps>Templates>AssetCheckout_xxxxxx> then Data and data images


only data and data images are shared


here is a screenshot of the web version and ipad version


BTW, I also changed the picture path to the entire file path instead of ./data_image/picture1.png


So, we believe this is indeed exactly the known issue we have that's affecting iOS and Android and is currently under investigation. If I well understood your comment well, I can see you replaced the ./data_image/picture1.png by a link which is a link (and, BTW, I can't access the file, what makes sense because it's not shared with me, proving there's auth involved). 


As a workaround, if that's possible, you can have your images in a unauthenticated (public) server. This way the image can be retrieved on iOS/Android properly. Another way is use your onedrive directly. By having the folder shared, I can see it working properly on an iOS device with the excel link as it was on sample (./data_image, for instance). Can you please give that a try? Unfortunately there's not a workaround to point to sharepoint directly if it needs auth, so you'll need to wait for a fix being released and there's no ETA for now.


But answering your very first question this is definitely not related to image file type. I can see both JPGs and PNGs in my list.

Thanks again, you cannot see the picture because I modified the link to protect the data, but the link is working fine.


I can move the pictures to another platform which is a public folder. but then I will need to recreate links.


Could you please point me in the right direction on how to do this? "Another way is use your onedrive directly. By having the folder shared" I have the file "Data" and the pictures folder shared is not in this way?


Let me know please



This is the way for sharing the folder, I think you're ok here. The problem seems to be that you changed the xls to instead of having relative paths to an absolute https path. is that correct? If so, try just leaving the path as we have on assets sample: a relative path to the image based on the folder the xls file is.

Before I had the path in that way, but I cannot see the images in both WEB and IOS, then I changed the path and after thjat I can see pictures on the WEB but not on IOS devices. 

but I will change it again.

So, I'll describe how my app is working here, it might help you finding a solution:


I have a patest folder where my xls lies. On OneDrive, I've created a link to share patest with anyone with the link. I can see this applies to all files and subfolders.


On PA, I'm using a onedrive connection to this xls. I have an addPicture control and add files to the xls with a 


Please notice this is optional in your case. 


On OneDrive, my XLS has a table with a single column which header is Image[Image].

By executing the patch command with the Onedrive connection, it will automatically upload the addpicture image and add the reference to the XLS file like this: .\Pics_images\648bf3773ed5de63eebcfaf661957a9e.png (Where Pics is my xls filename. Both pics_image folder and image was created and added by the onedrive connection too). But this is more describing the upload process. In your case, you already have the images there, so nothing to worry about here.


For seeing the images:

I have a gallery with images. Gallery has Items set to Table_1 (how my table was named in my OneDrive connection) and each image in the gallery has the Image property set as ThisItem.Image (Image in this case is matching the column name on XLS).


Although my code here was meant to send the picture to Onedrive and then read them, there's nothing here that forbids you have only the access to the xls file and set the values directly.


This shows (and saves in my sample) images on both WEB and iOS. Any file I grab the link can be opened in a unathenticated browser session. 


And my xls file looks like this:



Does that helps anyhow?

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