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Re: Can't sign into Powerapps app

Hi there,


The issue I had was that my Android System WebView was not up to date. I simply updated it through the play store and everything was working fine again. This may or may not be the solution to your problem though.


Also note that Android System WebView has been disabled from version 7.0 upwards (I'm running 6.0.1), it is now combined with Chrome.





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Re: Can't sign into Powerapps app

Today (27.07.2017) after (20MB) update of PowerApps (market) I am not able to connect in PowerApps application on android phone (5.1).

(before powerapps update I can "auto" sign in into platform nicely)


I updated my phone and all application in android store.


In google chrome on that device I can sign in into microsoft account on second attempt.


In app:

I tried to use bad password and get normal red error message.

But when I use proper password I get singed in for 1 second and then again form for signin in is appearing.

(it behave like I get auto loging of after login)


I am sorry. For me as developer I understand clearly something is not working but I am afraid when users will be unable to use whole platform in every day usage of multiple apps 😕


Can I help somehow to get it worked? (I tried cleaning and returning stuff like restarting/turning on/off phone, cleare cache on chrome)

Power Apps Staff julip
Power Apps Staff

Re: Can't sign into Powerapps app

Marek, can you please send me a private message with the email you're using to sign into PowerApps? This will help us understand your issue. To verify, you're seeing authentication windows pop up forever even after you log in multiple times? Thanks!

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Re: Can't sign into Powerapps app


I could fix the problem I don't know if this can help you. I realize that there was a problem with time configuration. Date and time was set to automatic by network and I change it to manual. Probably time was not correct and could make login process to fail. Some password checking's are syncronized with time...
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Re: Can't sign into Powerapps app

hi Alvarocarmona

thanks for help : )


i tried to set up manual time .. to now.. and 1 day ago .. and tried to change format to mm.dd.yyyy 

unfurtunately issue still persists 😕

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Re: Can't sign into Powerapps app


I having the same issue. I've tried to set manuel time, restart, clean data, nothing... I can't login. PLEASE HELP!! 😫
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Re: Can't sign into Powerapps app

I have a couple users that keep having the same issues.  They are using Alcatel One Touch phones.  I have several of those in the system but not all are having the issue.  If they log in through the android app it takes them to the microsoft login page to enter thier password. Then it goes back to powerapps for a couple seconds and right back to the microsoft page asking for the password again.  i can log in through the web page on the phone and get to the app list but as soon as I click on an app I get a MAX URL LIMIT REACHED error.  It will continue to load until it gets the screen with my icon and the 4 dots then it just hangs there forever.


I have done a factory reset on the phones numerous times over the past month with little to no progress.


The only error I ever see is the max url limit on the web, the android app never shows an error.

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Re: Can't sign into Powerapps app

Hi, I just encountered the same issue. I have a simple list (not something fancy) on SharePoint and I just want to enter data from a mobile friendly interface but I can't get pass the login screen. Its loading for ever. Android ver 8.0.0 the device is OnePlus 3T.

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