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Can we clone powerapps application using code


As we know we can create a replica of any application by the "Save As" button and "Export & Import", but is there a way in which I can create a replica of application on a click of any custom button.


I don’t know if a way to do that. The power apps for makers and administrators can do many different things regarding apps, but I don’t see any way to programmatically clone an app. 

Neither the admin connectors nor the power she’ll admin candlets have the ability to create or clone apps


can you share more of the why behind your ask? There might be another way to approach it. For example if it is to provide reusable starting points for makers you could use a component library. If it is to have different groups using a copy of the same app you could use the power platform build tools and quickly spin up new copies in different environments.

keep in mind when you save as an app the copy has the same data connections as the original so cloning an app a bunch of times may not exactly get you what you are looking for 

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Thanks for helping me!


Okay, let me share idea behind asking the question.


In PowerApps we have predefined app templates to start with our applications, similar way I want to create an application that can be treated as a template. Also, I want to include my application into the template section so that whenever I'm creating new application I always have the option to go for my own template. (I have searched for including my application into the template section but I found that there is no way of achieving it directly. Please let me know if you have a better solution for this).


As I know there is trouble achieving it therefore in addition to that I thought cloning of application will also work. Therefore I'm thinking to add a button on click of which the application will be replicated so that whenever anyone visits the application and wanted to clone application they always have a button to create a replica of it.

I think that is a great idea, but I don’t think there is a way to make it that automated. What I’ve done is to export a copy of the template app and have a maker import it in to start their app. 

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Okay, Import and Export will make my work done but do Powerapps allow us to do the following?


On a click of a button, the application will be exported at a particular directory, and automatically from the same directory, it will import the same file? This will make my work done and also automate the process.



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