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Can write to entity but not read into gallery. PowerApp works in Edit and Play mode but not Publish

Hi all,


I have a PowerApp connected to CDS and it was all working perfectly.  Someone asked for an additional field on a table so I added the field and refreshed the data entry form so the new field was shown.   No other changes made including changes to galleries that display the data.    It all worked fine in Edit and Play mode.   When published, the data entry form worked but the gallery no longer displayed data.  


I've tested some scenarios and have ascertained the following

  • the data entry form works.   Data is being written to the CDS entity
  • the gallery does not display anything (despite it existing) - this works in Edit and Play
  • a new screen was created with a brand new gallery - no data displayed
  • a label on new screen created with a CountRows for the entity - no data displayed
  • all users have all permissions on the entity so permissions shouldn't be an issue

Please help ... I'm going out of my mind as I can't find any logical reason why this wouldn't work.



I've created a new app with only that entity and the gallery displays correctly so I'm confident that it's not a permisisons issue.

I've done some more research ...


I've rolled back to the last working version which was bound to the old entity structure ... that worked.

If I refresh the data source but make no other changes to forms or galleries ... it breaks and the gallery doesn't display.


Any ideas?



I seem to have a similar problem. In edit mode my gallery is working and displaying a filtered list of Azure Sql Server records. In Published/Play mode the gallery on my app is displaying the correct number of records but the label fields are not being filled - but the checkboxes associated with the data are being filled in. The pictures below I think summarize the situation.


Edit Mode and then Published Play mode

edit mode powerapps.PNGplay mode powerapps.PNG


Have refreshed data connections but this has had no effect. The data seems to be retrieved ok but the label controls are not displaying correctly. 


Looking at the history of similar issues it seems often related to a Powerapps release. Mine is 3.18124.26.


Do you think this is a similar problem? Maybe you could try displaying a checkbox on your screen of the data. Maybe the powerapps team will have a look soon.





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adding in @sabinn to review and assist. 



@CWesener Adding Clay to help and/or redirect


@StuartRidout@RobynPr I would suggest to create a support ticket (link at the bottom of the page). BTW, I'm not sure both issues are the same, but we can sort it out via the ticket.


In the ticket you'll be asked for a Session Id, you can find the instructions on how to get it from here:






I created a task as per below link but everything has gone quiet. I was able to work around my problem by setting an advanced option but it points to the advanced setting not working correctly.




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